Sperry and I
Monday 8 September 2008, 1:15 am
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Women’s Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe in Ice – This is MINE!

I told my boyfriend that Sperry and I floated into Charles & Keith at City Link Mall today and cast disapproving glares at the feet-biting footwear (you must admit that many pretty shoes are not comfy shoes). I still love Charles & Keith but I love Sperry more now.

What kind of a threesome is this!

Maybe I’m starting to love Sperry (omg did I unwittingly give an endearing address to an inanimate object?!?!) a little too much. I was at work today and I had to change into my work shoes – but whenever I went to the storeroom I went to check on it. Knowing that it was safe and happy, unsmelly and comfortable made me smile.


I checked the official website of Sperry Top-Sider Shoes and they surprised me with these!

Women’s Authentic Original Metallic Boat Shoe in Silver and Rose Gold
A strange strange part of me wants it very badly in silver.
Women’s Bahama in White/Navy
Women’s Print Bahama in Oyster/Chino
Spread the loveee.

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jo! resist your space(y)-loving temptation!!! hahas. just kidding. get them! just refrain from wearing them simultaneously with the silver leggings… but if you really must.. go ahead! 😀

Comment by pinks

I love ’em!! Where did you get them here in Singapore?

Comment by xwen

pinks i think i am really succumbing to the spacey temptation. i love everything silver! 😡

x-wen i got them from world of sports in T3 changi airport but i think you should be able to get them from any world of sports outlet

Comment by wottoncool

i can understand your feelings towards them… there is some kind of cool un-auntie vibe about these shoes but are as comfy as auntie-shoes. + its perfectly fine to talk to your shoes. It’s not normal not to talk to them.

Comment by Stephie

oooh… they have an appealing ugliness about them. i feel like i’d have to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle if i owned them though (i’m envisioning mid-motion photographs in me jogging in a pair with capri pants and a striped polo with a jumper tied around my neck)

Comment by kirstie

aww you’re too cute! don’t comfortable shoes make you feel cosy? (:

Comment by raq

stephie yay at least someone understands my obsession heh. i like how you said “it’s not normal not to talk to them”. Sperry now likes you

kirstie hahaha yes i know, my boyfriend got them months ago and at first they seemed quite hideous. but now i love them so much it’s almost unhealthy! – contrary to what you say about inspiring you to be healthier lol

raq yes they do! i ooh and ahh in them

Comment by wottoncool

absolutely love them. i saw a boy wearing navy ones today…ahh…so cool…

Comment by Andrea

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