5 Days with Sperry, Again
Tuesday 9 September 2008, 11:44 pm
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Okay this will truly be the last Sperry post because in the process of taking photos, I dropped my camera, and it landed lens-down!

I guess there’ll be no more photos from me for a while – this is just to mourn the sad demise of my camera ):

Top: Black boatneck long tee from Mango
Top: Black sheer shoulder knit top from Bysi
Hosiery: Heather grey tights cut into leggings from H&M
Bag: Beige zippy bag from Hong Kong
Shoes: 2 eye originals from Sperry Top Sider

More exciting, solid fashion posts to come!


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Oooo no! Ouchies! You getting a new camera?

I like how you layered the tee with the sheer top over it. I thought it was one piece at first =D and….


Comment by Sarah

OH! is it fixable? i hope it is, i repaired my camera a while back, heartache.

Comment by Melly

oh dude, i cringed slightly after i read that big about your camera. 😦 i do like this outfit though! the bag is sweet

Comment by kirstie

your outfit looks so effortlessly cool!

Comment by mw

sarah, melly i’m not sure! think i’m gonna check how much it’ll cost to fix first.

kirstie i cringed when i heard it too! omg. ever since i started taking these photos i say a mini prayer in hopes that it won’t die haha

mw thanks!

Comment by wottoncool

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