It’s almost Halloween
Thursday 11 September 2008, 3:06 pm
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I just wanted to let the world know that Betsey Johnson scares me a little every season.

I only like that hats with the pretty tie under the chin. They remind me of Stephie of FN! Meanwhile, you can go be the brave one – embrace the collection on my behalf.

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I’ve never been a true fan, but after seeing the show in person/the presentation of it, it all makes perfect sense and is fun. She gets to get away with it because she’s Betsey, same as Marc gets to get away with a lot of things because he’s Marc.

I think there are some great wearable separates that you overlooked.

Comment by modelizer

The lady in the last picture… hou scary oh. I’m completely behind in following the shows. I have to browse style.com but then i also want to see via thecobrasnake, i’m so stress out over nothing!

Comment by Melly

modelizer well yes, alone there would of course be pieces that would be wearable singly, just that the styling just sends jolts down my body haha.

melly that’s BJ herself! i’m very very behind tooo, but i just thought i’d serve some Betsey Johnson to myself first so that the rest just get better hahaha. okay i’m completely biased/prejudiced, whatever!

Comment by wottoncool

how is that possible, my sister! I LOVE BETSY TO BITS

Comment by linn

yay hats! actually the photos you posted are weird but I… like it…

have not had time to view the collection, but thats for the teaser (:

Comment by Stephie

I’m a little scared myself (by the red number in particular). Although, against my better judgement, I’m sort of liking (okay, maybe loving) that striped jumpsuit.

Comment by Caroline

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