Sunday 14 September 2008, 4:46 pm
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I just bought this moulded wool equestrian-esque hat.

(and i can’t wait to buy flat boots with buckle details to match 😀 hehes)

I prefer to wear it high (to reconcile with the overall roundness of my head)

But I have a question…

Does anyone know whats the proper/good way to store hats?

The hat feels/looks to fragile to be out in the open, suseptible to being crushed unknowingly by someone. :/

(and we should have a hat party!!)


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Nice! I tried one on (red one) but my damn Mickey ears stick out like a sore thumb. I can’t wear hats man *sobs*

Comment by X-Wen

I have something similar in red… my hats are more or less stacked on top of each other since they can’t fit anywhere. I stash them on a shelf.

What I’ve seen in shops – they are usually perched on a lampshade. Not a bad idea to keep the hat, I think.

Comment by Stephie

Try a hat box

Comment by Fashion Ivy

That is a very cool hat. I suppose hat boxes, or over some shape to hold it safe would be best.

Comment by The Clothes Horse

I actually put my hats on a “tree” that I bought from Ikea. It’s like 5 bucks and you can put jewellery too!

Comment by Sarah

Oh! I know what “tree” you’re talking about! I really do wanna get one for myself too!

Comment by TraiT

I think a hat party is a BRILLIANT idea! 😛

Comment by hui wen

hui wen sounds like a plan! hahas. think i’ll hold one after my exams (or when my workload gets a bit lighter)

Comment by pinks

i have the exact same hat!!! 🙂

Comment by Diana Rikasari

I love your hat! I think I saw a similar hat in the Four Skin store when I was in Singapore a few months ago. 🙂

Comment by michelle

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