Build your own boot

I usually wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes in Timberland at all because the clothes don’t really suit my lifestyle, and neither does the price.

But while making some unusual rounds about the shopping mall with my boyfriend shopping for him (!), I was hooked onto Timberland’s customized boots service called “Build Your Own”!

There was this entire chest of leather uppers, laces, embriodery samples and even eyelets for you to choose from, and a 2D template for you to fix your picks!

You cannot imagine. I felt like a little kid in Toys’R’Us. BUT, it costs SGD399 and 4 weeks to get it because it is put together in US.

So my fingers brought me to where I tried out “Build Your Own” online, and I have a few simple variations on their classic Waterville.

Yes I like plain and boring colours like that 😛

I think it’s a cool alternative to Dr Marten’s and maybe… lighter and more comfortable?

What’s with me and succumbing to comfort shoes, while serious (and rich?) fashionistas at LFW now are roughing it out in what I now deem odd footwear of unthinkable height and walkability.

See Fashion Nation’s post about Something to be Smug About and this hilarious video!

I digress.

The short ones are USD155, while the tall ones are USD180, which is NO WHERE near the SGD399 that people would fork out if they ordered from the stores in Singapore. I’m expecting shipping to be between SGD50-60, and even with that, it is a whole hundred dollars cheaper ordering it from the US site!

I’m <this close> to ordering one. Especially since I tried a regular pair in the store and now know my size.

Now, if only they have kookier prints and colours.

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