Very Goot Watercolour

I would say that I understand watercolour best compared to others like oil or acrylic. There’s something controlled but unrestrained about it in the different techniques usually used in the same painting – wet in wet, dry on wet…

When I was still taking/learning art, I always had this hovering idea that my watercolours had to look airy-fairy, light, transluscent, with clean lines but blended colours, and all that. I kinda made solid colours my personal taboo (partly because I didn’t know how to achieve it nicely).

I’m often intrigued by how designers come up with their mind boggling prints.

Josh Goot started these with careless (you never realllyyy know how careless “careless” is to an artist, but yea) throws of paint, scanned into a computer, then digitally manipulated to make it look more like water.

Well watercolour is pretty liquid to begin with, but it’s nice to see how this fluidity goes onto both flowy shapes and clean minimalist jackets.

I get hints of Jil Sander and Lanvin sans prints from these, but who cares!

From Style.com


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