Carrying the Weight of the World
Tuesday 23 September 2008, 11:38 pm
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Are big bags a trend or neccessity nowadays?

I think people have debated this over and over, but it really struck me while reading Stephie of FN’s post on her reallyyy tiny find at a vintage store.

From Fashion Nation

The New York Times ran an article on it 2 years ago called “Ouch! My Bag Is Killing Me“. Backaches and neckaches such as these would only be relevant to the females like the Samsui women of Singapore back in the 1920s-1940s from toting heavy construction materials.

An MSN Shopping column sorted big bags into four categories – Bags you can fit a change of shoes in, fir your laptop and more in, fit your life in (this one takes the gold), and carry onto a plane.

Fit your life in?! We’re not supposed to! It’s so sad. It’s like the Brave New World of bags! I’m guilty of it sometimes too. Then I end up looking retarded carrying a bag on each shoulder.

From The Sartorialist and Face Hunter

Over the years bags have taken on monikers like “Neverfull”, “Carryall”, “Shopper”, “Weekender” and adjectives like “oversized” have almost become like prefixes to bag names.

On auction sites and numerous online shops, the form of measurement is no more in “x inches by x inches by x inches, fits cigars and some bills”, but “XX inches by XX inches by XX inches, fits A4 folders, a stack of magazines and maybe your Macbook Pro”.

What is it that’s in your bag?

If I go to school, it’s a writing pad, my Macbook+charger, wallet, mobile phone, bottle of water, umbrella, and 2 small pouches of stuff like emergency make-up, tissue, medicine etc.

(Ideally, I would have furnished this with a picture of my bag and its contents – but my camera is still hanging on to dear life at the hospital)

Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s good if you feel like you’re lugging a sack of rice, or watermelons, or potatoes? (I cannot find an appropriate western equivalent.. hmm) Of if it leaves red marks on your shoulders!

I’m trying not to do it. I don’t have enough allowance for me to get nice bags and maintain myself using them!

I guess it’s okay if we’re all Mary Poppinses – pulling out pot of plant after lampshade after desk… But we’re not!

I should be studying finance instead. I don’t have a test on the harmful effects of bags next week.

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LOL at “I don’t have a test on the harmful effects of bags next week.”

Comment by melo

YEA! Super funny post!

For school, I’ll just have the black laptop case and my regular bag to put my personal things in. I used an oversized bag once that’s really functional, but the weight really did tire my shoulders and arm so much till I gave up.

Comment by TraiT

melo yeap that’s very very true lol. i haven’t even started studying and i was doing mini research for this post!

trait i’m the opposite of you! i went from laptop in case in hand, to laptop sans case stuffed into bag. it’s so horrible i know, but i really much prefer my hands to be free, to take calls, message, or go shopping LOL

Comment by jo

i must carry my laptop in my arms cos my shoulder can’t take it weight. plus i suspect that my spine slowly curves (more and more) with my big bags and the accompanying weight. :/

Comment by pinks

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