Merlion + Sun = Tiger Stripes
Tuesday 23 September 2008, 9:39 pm
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Last Saturday, I attended a student-led event called Bay Escapades (organized by the Extremists Club aka SMUX).

Basically, we kayaked from Kallang, down towards Marina.. passing by the F1 track (near the pits!!), the Singapore Flyer, around the IR (integrated resort) construction, pass Esplanade and all the way till the Merlion at Fullerton.

I kayaked so close, I got sprayed by the merlion! (: which we actually weren’t allowed to do, the guides were screaming at us to stay 20 metres from it!!

(Photo source: here)

and seeing that the group had varying levels of kayaking skills (i don’t have any ‘star’s for kayaking, partly because i am deathly afraid of the capsize test… PLUS, my face, and only my face.. i dont know why…, is allergic to seawater :/. yes, i get red, itchy patches when i get seawater on my face.) ANYWAY, the pace of the event was kept slow & steady so that everyone could keep up.

As such, we spent a lot of time out in the sun. And being the kiasu person i am… I wore a long sleeve cardigan on top of my tank top to protect myself, on top of smearing my Nivea sunblock (<3!) over and over..

I had so much fun!

And had a good laugh when i removed my cardigan to find myself with a striped tann! (the cardigan was too thin and striped dary grey and yellow) hahas.

Yeaps. my arms look a bit like a barcode.. ||||||

but the hazeline snow is working well (:

PS. I will try and get hold of the actual event photographs. (didn’t want to risk my camera on this trip)


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