A Singapore Special


If you’re curious as to what our tiny island produces in the field of fashion and design, Baylene would give you a pretty good idea of the burgeoning local scene.

If you’re excited at the idea of having a piece of Singapore in your closet (especially after the world has seen the first night race ever – poor Kimi!), you’d be happy to know that Baylene now has an online store that sells their wares to the world!

(Psst, remember the chameleon-like Kelly? I didn’t know she was called Kelly then.)

It’s a nice simple layout, easy to navigate – makes you want to buy more!

There are individual garment measurements, additional pictures to show more views and other ways in which you can wear the item.

Pictures from Baylene.com

You’ll find that all the pieces encourage lots of layering and experimenting – sheer panels, lack of sleeves, extra buttons, holes or loops, deconstructed shapes, one size fits all kinds designs you can think up.

I don’t know about you, but my closet begs for more Baylene!

For now, they’re having a 50-70% off at the shop in Stamford House #01-04 from today till 2 October. Baylene will also be at Fash Bash!


Back to the F1 fever that struck Singapore over the past week – I beamed a bit seeing that our tiny place looked so pretty under the building lights and track lights and ooohhh, just the whole atmosphere.

Pictures from Channelnewsasia.com

I was so impressed with everything! The crowd, the driving, the drama, the circuit. *continues to beams madly*


Then there’s KVLT magazine‘s second issue – Loveless. Go and immerse yourself in some candid spreads and features on art, music and fashion.

This issue they interview the designers of MadCornerShop and Vice & Vanity!

Like they say – All stories have been told; KVLT just tells it better.


Coincidentally, Vice & Vanity is available at Baylene, and also online. When they were still “new” I was kinda skeptical about their presence. Firstly, I don’t buy many accessories – what more acrylic pieces at prices I am not yet willing to pay! Then I realised, everyone isn’t me.

I guess they kinda grew on me. I really like the collars in their most recent collection.


Was that too much of Singapore in a day?


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i think f1 ticket prices might drop next year (recession!) lol. so that bodes well for us. :p we have to go!

Comment by melo

I love those Baylene vests! I’m itching for some Singapore in my closet now…

Comment by Nicole

Well, that WAS a lot of singapore…
bit it is definitaly making me want to go there!

That Baylene stuff is fabulous.

Comment by anna

it’s like a belated national day special, but nice nonetheless, haha.

Comment by fashionaddict

omg! The Baylene pieces are AWESOME! Loving the hoodie+cowl-neck piece!

And yes, I was sinking myself into the sofa during the f1 race. Unexpected win too!

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Comment by TraiT

melo okay! and maybe start familiarizing ourselves with the whole motor racing thing too 😀

nicole, anna maybe you guys could get some baylene action online!

fashionaddict well, almost haha. just a culmination of factors that suddenly aroused my pride in singapore heh.

trait i need to find more ways to wear that piece! thanks for the tag we’ll get to it soon (:

Comment by wottoncool

love those Baylene shorts 🙂

Comment by saray

I totally missed out on F1, but i could hear the cars going whrrrr all night long as i was painting my room!

And the models on the Baylene site are very unexpected but in a good way. I embrace!

Comment by greenlaundry

I am loving EVERYTHING Baylene.

+ I love how “baylene” makes me think of whales ♥

Comment by mayk

saray i get you! the zips and collar really do it for me

greenlaundry yeap i do love the easy, comfy and stylish vibe i get from the model. the styling’s great too!

mayk whales? why? hahah i never associated baylene with whales. i love all her stuff too

Comment by wottoncool

ooooh will definitely be looking at the baylene store. i loooove sg so this will be my little fix before i go back haha.

Comment by kirstie

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