Comme des Garcons for H&M

Open letter to be read between the lines, lol.

(person who lives near any of the H&M locations below)
I’ve been wanting a pen pal from the US for the longest time
(ever since this CDG for H&M collection was announced)
Have you wanted a pen pal from Asia?
(Exotic eh? I’m sure you have!)
If you love art and design and fashion, we could be best friends forever
(especially if you get me the deconstructed drop crotch pants and jacket for me)
We’d have so much to talk about we’ll thank god for the internet cos waiting would be painful!
(No worries I’ll send you the amount via paypal for sure)
Maybe you’ll be so anxious to exchange emails with me you’d be on a Blackberry
(waiting even more excitedly outside H&M before 13 November to get me those pants)
I’ll be awaiting your reply!
(but meanwhile I’ll just let you know that I usually fit US8, so quick grab and score!)
❤ Jo

The jacket and pants I’m almost willing to lose an arm and leg over:

This must be oddball madness – lots of drop crotch, crazy in-your-face polka dots, deconstructed and misplaced elements. Omg I’m in Singapore, but I feel it now! I need it now!

Make sure you get a piece of the action on 13 November!

New York:
435  7th Avenue at 34th Street
1328 Broadway at 34th Street (Herald Square)
640 5th Avenue at 51st Street
731 Lexington Avenue at 59th Street

Los Angeles:
5200 Beverly Center

West Hollywood:
8580 Sunset Blvd.

San Francisco:
150 Powell Street

840 North Michigan Avenue

I wish my mum was still in Chicago!

No, seriously, can we work out a way for me to get those pants?



Edited to add:

L: White/Black Polka Dot Scarf HK$599, Blue/White Polka Dot Top HK$699, Blue/White Polka Dot Cardigan HK$299, Black Wool Shorts HK$499
R: Red/White Polka Dot Wool Cardigan HK$699, Black Wool Tuxedo Coat HK$990, Black Pants HK$599, Bag HK$699

Does this convince you? It totally works for me!

Also via


  1. Hey Jo,

    I live in Toronto (in Canada), and I live near an H&M, so I don’t know if they’re going to do a release of those pants/jacket in Canada, but if they do, send me an email with more details!

    Oh wait… but they come out November 13? Mmh. I’ll try my best, but I actually might be out of town beginning of November. Lemme know though!


  2. jo! the pants look very comfy.. i tried something like that at nicholas the other day.. but the material was stiffer, to maintain the drapes at the sides.. i might be able to ask my friend, steph, to help?


  3. joeie omg joeie you are a godsend! you’re making me REALLY REALLY REALLY want it now! i hope it reaches toronto! even if you don’t get it for me you should go get some for yourself!

    x-wen, clareassiral i’ll keep the both of you in mind! lol. i think it will launch in tokyo slightly earlier, but still in nov if i’m not wrong 😡 it’ll be whenever the outlet opens in japan!

    pinks yes they dooo, and they look cool too! if she can help it’d be really great! but that’s if she doesn’t mind braving the wind, rain, no, CROWDS! haha. ooooo i wanna go to US myself! rawrs


  4. Hmmmm… I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine? 😀 I’m definitely planning on going up to NY at release time, though I’m afraid I’ll only be able to go on the weekend (ie, when it’s all sold out already..?) Should I be able to make the trek effectively, we could work out a… “deal”, of sorts?


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