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Wednesday 8 October 2008, 10:38 pm
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Bona Drag is driving me crazy with all their sweet wares. Ever since dreamecho mentioned it wayyy back in February this lust has been brewing in me. Then Karla comes and knocks me out and makes me pine for the lace bodysuit.

Black lace bodysuit by With Hearts in my Eyes, $100
If the cute bow at the back doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what else would.

Peacock feather necklace by Miss KK, $63
I was thinking this could be DIYed, but where would I find this dreamy creamy mauve colour on peacock feather?

Eden dress by With Hearts in my Eyes, $134
I need some mad swishing action to go with this fringe dress. Isn’t the hand-dyed gradient just so awesome?

Elegant sweats by With Hearts in my Eyes, $110
I hardly ever find myself to drawn to velvet. These sweats make velvet so much more wearable for me. I like that they’re cuffed too!And take a look at this dress!

I’m in the process of asking how much shipping to Singapore is. Ah.

The model looks just like Kate Lanphear.

I want all these. And I want bleached hair too ):


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I really like the necklace, bodysuit and dress!!! Jo!! stop tempting me with all these nice things.. )): I need to find a way to earn more money.. ))):

Comment by pinks

wow that bodysuit is amazing! karla from karla’s closet has it in her recent post…

Comment by issa

OMG. that peacock necklace and that fringe dress.


Comment by Mrs. C

spot on! i took a second look and thought she looked like kate too!

i think there might be a way around the DIY, try bleaching or dyeing the feathers? Not sure if it will work thou, but worth a try?

Comment by clareassiral

wow, girl pulls this look off very well.

Comment by Emily

pinks yes me too! if you know of any way be sure to let me know 😀

issa yeap i saw it on her blog too – i mentioned it in this post. it’s so amazing! i love the back of it.

mrs c. yes! i really like how the dress would move with me. ahhh.

clareassiral i’m afraid the feather would lose it’s feathery-ness or lightness after bleaching, or the bleach would eat it up haha. but i think i’ll go down to the craft store soon and see if i can DIY!

emily mmm look? i think it’s just a particular vibe bona drag gives in general.

Comment by wottoncool

I thought the same when I saw that model! She resembles Kate a lot.

I am also enamoured of Bona Drag, especially since they sell Sophomore.

Comment by Allure

I want some bona drag too, esp those ballet flats.

Comment by greenlaundry

thanks for the link! i love with hearts in my eyes. the “model” is actually the designer herself. 😉

Comment by dreamecho

allure i’m not particularly in the know of the labels they carry, but i think i’m a new fan!

greenlaundry yea those studded ballet flats are cool. edgy sweet?

dreamecho welcome! (: oh really? wow that’s cool. great style and design sense and she’s so pretty too

Comment by jo

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