Erika Somogyi

Rock In The Sea, 2005, 22″ x 30″, watercolor, gouache, color pencil on paper

Divining Light, 2005, 30″ x 36″, watercolor, gouache, color pencil on paper

Recurring themes of love, memory and intervention, Erika Somogyi‘s paintings have this unexplainable tranquil and danger, serene and overwhelming feel to them.

Have They All Forgotten Me?, 2005, 30″ x 36″, watercolor, gouache, color pencil on paper

She uses neon colours but they are not blindingly bright. There’s lots of layers of colour pencils over transluscent layers, then kind of a tint over certain areas, some with clean edges, some with fuzzy bleeds

We Will Return Together, 2006, 36″ x 42″, watercolor, gouache on paper

I haven’t felt so heartbroken looking at a painting ever!

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oh wow.. these are absolutely amazing.. i love the 2nd to last one…

Comment by issa

wow, amazing! Those colours are beautiful

Comment by Miss at la Playa


thanks for commenting on my blog…if not i would have never found yours..and boy…how freakin amazing is this art! cant wait to keep browsin 🙂

Comment by letitia

issa i love the last one the most. heartbreaking isn’t it?

miss at la playa yea she uses her colours really well! i usually gawk at neons but all these look so fab

letitia thanks girl! i hope you got more helpful comments on your logo design and such (:

Comment by jo

it’s soooo beautiful! amazing!

Comment by lilinka

wow, i’m waiting for the page to load as i type this and i’m secretly hoping some of them are for sale and if it’s up for sale that i can afford one.

Comment by greenlaundry

Lovely pictures <3<3

Comment by Linnéa

wow these are absolutely gorgeous. especially the first one. its like finding the warmer (or in this case the more romantic) colour. simply lovely.

Comment by anijnas

wow, those are crazy and yet so beautiful!

Comment by Nicole Then

lilinka, anignas, nicole, linnea glad you guys enjoyed them! i spent quite some time navigating the site and looking through all the paintings

greenlaundry i think they do sell prints – but only for select paintings. hope you had some luck with that 😀

Comment by jo

These paintings are DIVINE. I can think of no other word to describe them…but I am in love. Beautifully romantic, and heartbreaking too. ..

Comment by Carl Starling

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