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Sunday 12 October 2008, 11:31 pm
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Say whatever you like… but I’ve got issues with dry cleaning!

I’m still a student, so I spend on some and scrimp on some. But dry-cleaning isn’t something I will spend on. (But I still spend on clothes that happen to need dry-cleaning, DANG!)

What do you do with clothes that have to be dry cleaned?

My argument is that clothes that usually have to be dry cleaned are so precious, like silk, printed silk, maybe very special poly and all that, that you shouldn’t even wear them enough to warrant any cleaning, or dry cleaning for that matter.

On hindsight that doesn’t really make sense because you’d wanna make the most of a piece of garment after spending so much on it right? (Assuming it’s not cheap, and you didn’t get it at a sale.)

Most clothes come with a nondescript imperative – 100% SILK, DRY CLEAN ONLY. Which seems pretty harsh and I don’t like the tone of it, so most of the time I just ignore it and don’t do it. LOL.

But Baylene (excuse me for talking so much about Baylene, I can’t seem to help it. By the way they’ve launched a new collection called Flawed II) puts their instructions in such a persuasive and pretty manner I think I’m going to start dishing out ten dollar bills to the dry-cleaners in a happy pink trance.

Love your garment, please dry clean. Can you resist? Hahaha.

Well for now I’m just sticking to dry-cleaning, but of another kind. I’m just airing the clothes out after a day or a few hours of wear. Maybe with a bit of Febreeze so it’s smell fresher. But is that… okay? Is it devastatingly unhygenic? Does reading this gross you out?

I’ve always been mortified of staining my garments, especially with liquids. O wait.. only liquids can stain right. I’ve always had the notion that dry-cleaning IS dry, but it is in fact a very very wet process. If you care to find out more, you can always consult trusty (not very) ol’ Wikipedia.

Plus, I’ve heard of dry-cleaners screwing up garments. Stains get worse, there are holes in the garment, the garment changes colour. It kinda scares me and makes me ultra wary of the dry-cleaners. They’re not cheap either right?

Yes, so you can call me dirty, cheap, broke (well I am really broke), confused, but just offer me what you do with your dry-clean garments!


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I dryclean but try to do it as infrequently as possible.

Comment by WendyB

oh Jo,

this makes me feel so confident now lol, because I have the same problem!! and not just my clothes from Zara and such, but my fashion line will be mostly dry clean only, so at least I know you will buy it haha

ps- I just love your blog, so I have tagged you in hopes that your 6 random facts will be allot more interesting than mine and brighten my day 🙂

Comment by letitia

I usually handwash (using cold water and a gentle detergent like baby shampoo) silk and cashmere items that say “dry clean only.” Just be sure to wash the items one at a time in a plastic tub in case the dye runs. Then dry flat or on a drying rack and you’re all set! 🙂

Comment by ac

Oops. Forgot to add that you can’t handwash blazers. Those really need to be dry cleaned because the “backing” in those is usually glued to the front of the fabric and handwashing will result in many, many tears.

Comment by ac

Jo, you’re spot on! But that’s one way for me to stop myself from buying too much. i hate sending them to the dry cleaners (blardy costly!) and attempting to wash them will only cost you the entire garment! Putting them in the wardrobe and not wearing them is the only way to avoid dry cleaning? damnit what are our options!

Comment by clareassiral

wendyb hmm okay, so maybe there’s part air-drying in the way you do it too haha

letitia thanks girl (: i can’t wait to see your line! glad to know that some people share the same sentiments as i do. i’ll try and get back with the 6 random facts soon 😀

ac hand wash? for sure? ahhh okay. but it takes some work. at least now i know i can spend some time instead of real money on it 😀 thanks!

clareassiral okay i’m torn between hand washing and all that. i think we should just wait for a nice rich generous man to buy us nice clothes AND dry clean them lol.

Comment by jo

you know what, I just dunk them in water then quickly allow them to dry out… nothing happens to them, so far there are no casualties!

Comment by Stephie

u can get a steamer (like the tobi steamer, google it) and then air dry. the infomercial says u dont need to dry clean if u have that. never tried it myself so i dont knw for sure. as for stains, u can handwash just that stained part of the garment i guess.

Comment by anijnas

I air my clothes and spray it with Febreeze…works for me and saves me a fortune…!

Comment by susie_bubble

oh i definitely air out my clothes.. and don’t dry clean items or wash items after one time wear.. unless they get dirty.. i think the more washing the quick clothes are to get worn looking too.

Comment by issa

stephie ah i am reassured!

anijnas steamers sound good. i wanna get a steamer for all my clothes anyway. i think it’s so much more fun than ironing hahah

susie_bubble awesome. now i feel a little less unhygienic hahah

issa yea i know. i feel the same way about it looking more worn after washing. think airing it is the best option so far! (:

Comment by jo

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