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Sunday 19 October 2008, 8:54 pm
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On my recent trips to Hong Kong, we’ve been scrambling for the cheaper hotels so that we can make the most of our stay (ie do more shopping and eating, spend less on sleeping. Makes sense, right?)

So.. because hotels are merely a place to rest my head and bathe, and not do anything else (even the whole grand sounding continental breakfast), I haven’t really been able to find it in me to splurge on a boutique hotel – you know, the whole schnazzy mazzy lush or quirky environment where like-minded people live and be hoity-toity for a day or two.

A friend who’s been going to Bangkok has been staying in the same hotel over and over.

Room #203: Wish you were here by Buncha Chooduang
Inspired by the old happiness, friends and lovely things that took place in the golden past

Room #207: Sleep well by Oii

Room #210: Tropicool by Pirawayt Kraesaesom

Room #211: Grey Day by Nuanpan Gadvised

You’ll find all these lovely spaces from Reflections Hotel. There’s so much thought put into all the furnishings it makes me want to stay in a different room every day. I might spend a bit more of the morning lazing around too instead of just whipping out my clothes and bags and heading straight for the door.

The best thing is, prices starts at 2250baht a night, which is under SGD100 or USD 65!

Are you booking your flight to Bangkok yet?

Images and info via Reflections Hotel


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hahah jo! this looks like an advertorial lah! and its really pretty 😀

Comment by cheryl

I’m very tempted now…. so glad I don’t have to hotel hunt when I go to HK…must be a bit of a mare’ as prices keep rising?

Comment by susie_bubble

Wow, those don’t look like hotel rooms at all. It’s actually even nicer than my own place!

I’m planning on a HK trip in a few months too actually; where do you guys stay and for approximately how much?

Comment by Joeie

thnks for this. it’s lovely!

Comment by soon lee

i’ve considered reflections before! they have harem style room, a room with FISH TANK EVEN!! damn cool but it’s not in a very ideal location thou.

Comment by clareassiral

Yeah i’m always tempted by this hotel, but Larissa’s right – the location is the only con. You would have to fork out more money on cabs everyday.

Comment by melly

cheryl i kinda wish it was a advertorial – i would loveeee a free night’s stay 😀

susie watch out! this is in bangkok – not hong kong

joeie it’s surely nicer than my room too haha. i stayed at harbour plaza resort city in tin shui wai. not in the the kowloon/central area but it’s pretty worth it cos it’s a lot more spacious compared to the cramped quaters in the city. go google the hotel (:

clareassiral, melly really? my friend said it was quite convenient cos they could walk to the train station, or take a short trip on the cab to it. hmm i’ll go find out more

Comment by jo

soon lee glad you liked it! (:

Comment by jo


I really love your Blog, it always cheers me up as it always looks so bright!! Could you do me a favour and check out our Blog? We are new to this and need lots of support 🙂


Comment by Carol

the rooms look 10x better than my room. shame on me. thank you for sharing! it’s going on my hotel list 🙂

Comment by Adeline

carol thanks! we will

adeline welcome (: i feel ashamed of my room after seeing this!

Comment by jo

wow those are some amazing hotel rooms!!

Comment by issa

Oh shit,
I have just booked a room to Bangkok yesterday evening. If i have checked before your blog, I would have booked a cheaper a more beautiful room…
It seems I’ll have to go back to Bangkok to try this!

Plan B

Comment by Plan B

ohhh wow. I need to go look at that website you shoed for more inspiration ideas for my current decorating porjects. thanks!

Comment by caroline

issa, caroline hope you guys are inspired! 😀

plan b pity! maybe you could just try a day there. it looks really promising (:

Comment by jo

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