Tea for Me
Tuesday 21 October 2008, 12:03 am
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Chamomile, dragon well, earl grey, buddha’s tears, tie guan yin, oolong, gyojuro, sencha, genmaicha, pu’er, peppermint… I think I pretty much am a tea person when it comes to the breakfast beverage.

“Tea for Two” is also one of my favourite songs.

To add to my list of loves for tea-related things – t43 jewellry, Tea for Three jewellry.

The threesome – Serene Wong, Nana Akashi and Szufen Huang, who design separate collections with a unifying theme of tea, hail from Central Saint Martins. t43 expresses their friendship and their favourite pastime (It’s mine too! Let’s be friends! haha)

Have you seen tea that comes in the shape of a ball? I was pretty intrigued by it because it actually opens up into a flower when you brew it. Szufen Huang’s Art collection is inspired by this tea – Hua Kai Fu Gui.

Those transluscent, pretty pleats are actually made with silk organza.

Seems pretty much like tea to me! A clear transluscent quality doesn’t necessarily mean a weak brew. These neck and wrist candy are pretty strongg.

Elaborate tea bags and boxes should always be used for decoration and furnishing. It’s even cuter when you wear them around your cuffs, or dangling from a ring – like Nana Akashi’s Tea collection. It’s like you’re really dunking a bag into the teacup!

All the teabags read T43 JEWELLRY, in no less than a hoity-toity serif font that will send your next door neighbour (preferably English) into fits of jealousy.

Smoke (and maybe scent) tendrils are always sexy. Stylise it and you take it up a notch. Scent is Serene Wong’s collection of fluid, organic, acrylic pieces. I never really thought those three words could exist in the same sentence.

Don’t they seem like they’re dizzying the model with the nice wafting fragrance? 😀 I would totally buy it.

Quite clever that the three collections are called ART, TEA and SCENT. Artisan.

Get some t43 action at M Boutique, 47A Haji Lane, Singapore. I’m clueless about the prices, but I don’t think they’ll come cheaply 😡

There’s nothing like slowly brewing tea and waiting for it to simmer then finally have it reach my lips. Ah. I’ll try and do the same with this collection. Wait for it to magically appear on my wrists and neck.

Get your next caffeine kick with tea! (It’ll help you lose weight too, or so I heard.)

All pictues from t43please.com


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ooooh i’m a total tea drinker as well.. who knew tea could be inspiring in fashion.. loves it.

Comment by issa

yup their stuff ain’t cheap, i caught their debut at last year’s SFW, their show even had a live puppy in it!

Comment by Vogueite

issa me too! i often complain that i can’t find any inspiration. i think i must start looking harder.

vougueite yea i heard! didn’t manage to find any pictures though. thinking of going down to M to take a look at them

Comment by jo

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