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Tuesday 21 October 2008, 7:41 pm
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The Magic of Fashion – Harper’s Bazaar 2008

Emma Watson as Hermione is absolutely anal and annoyingly endearing. Emma Watson as herself, is absolutely amazing and unexpectedly impressive.

I’m undecided as to whether she’s Emma Watson or Hermione here. It’s kinda like a little bit of both, with the backdrop of Hogwarts, and designers that seem to be at her beck and call, if not framed cheekily in frames and mirrors.

Not sure if you should be comparing her to spreads with big models, but I’m so blown away by her! She’s no MKA, or Agyness in terms of style… and I hope she grows up to be like Charlize Theron or something along those lines.

All pictures from gossiprocks.net


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I LOVE EMMA WATSON!! Haha, I’m such a harry potter dork, but she’s so pretty! And I like her so much!

Comment by Thea

ooh pretty pictures (:
but i think the one with her suspended in mid air wasnt pulled off as perfectly/well as the others.

Comment by melo

Such wonderful gowns, she looks great.

Comment by Romeika

LOVE that blue cape on her..

Comment by Chelle

This editorial is stunning. I desperately want to see it in person and caress the pages! Err…in a non-creepy way.

Comment by The Clothes Horse

god she’s gorgeous. this is an awesome editorial

Comment by littlemissR

emma watson is all grown up and quite the fashionista these days!

Comment by issa

The one with the blue cape and the Marios Schwab are absolutely sublime photos. I wanted to pick this issue up, thanks for sharing!!

Comment by S

ooh! that’s really cool. love the spread

Comment by Nicole Then

thea maybe i’m not that much of a hp dork, but i love this all the same! haha

melo i totally agree. the angle’s weird and it was quite a bad edit.

romeka, chelle, issa, the clothes horse have you guys seen her around during the fashion week? she had snazzy seats and even snazzier outfits!

littlemissR, S, nicole glad you guys enjoyed it! (:

Comment by jo

I love these pictures! Emma Watson is so classy :].

Comment by bluewellesleyblue

I love this editorial so much. Emma has grown up so beautifully!

Comment by Anna Pope

This is an awesome fashion spread.

Comment by MHWeird


Comment by Hermy

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