Bianca’s Party
Sunday 2 November 2008, 3:50 pm
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You know Christmas, or the end of the year is creeping up on you when retailers start churning out fancy schmancy bling bling diamante studded strappy heels of precarious height.

Then you have the good people at Bianca, who wholeheartedly design and produce very yummy shoes that can take you from work to party, sans boring bling and schlutty straps.

Cue thick, generous straps, (even better when they’re doubled like those flats in the corner), a mix of matte and patent, and chunky, but surprisingly sexy silhouettes! Sarah and I caved in and bought something each (:

I was about to sew plain elastic bands to wear with all my shoes, then I saw these at Bianca! These are deep purple pumps with a slight platform, white stitching and white piping AND a nice elastic strap over the front 😀

I tried a 39 and a 40, but my horribly wide/fat feet did not allow for a nice fit 😐 so we moved on to clothes and bags!

Jolene was smitten by this wine coloured shoulder bag because of the cute wooden links and the very interesting shape! But she passed on it and bought 2 clothing items instead

I loved this little powder pink portable treasure chest 😀 Okay so it’s a small bag, but it has a nifty top handle and a nice clasp! This is what I got in the end. It’s a little smaller than the bags I usually carry, but it ought to teach me how to get out and about without bringing my entire room along with me.

There were many delicious details in the food and decor – M&Ms on top of brownies, tidbits displayed in vintage shallow boxes, plastic cups in rainbow, drinks in a myriad of colours, printed satin sashes around the jugs..

Another thing I really like about Bianca is the decor. There’s a lot of fabric used in their little space. Lots of velvet, thick satin, layered lace in the most royal of plums. You get such nice colours in photographs. It’s really luxe, but practical as well because it’s easy to maintain, or change the feel of the shop.

More Haji Lane action soon! But I really need to check out the Ann Siang area – I haven’t been there before!


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u two smexy girls! (:

Comment by melo

jo!! when you dont want that bag anymore, can i BUY it from you?! think its really cute but refrained from looking at it too much!! hahas.

Comment by pinks

How much was the bag and did it come in other colors? (the pink bag) I’ll love to get one too but unfortunately I’m not located in SG at the moment 😦

Comment by Irene

melo thanks 😀 hehes. did you read about the party earlier? you should have come!

pinks you can totally buy it from me now. i really like it but i don’t think i can get much use out of it. it deserves a better owner!

irene melissa, one of the people form Bianca said that this is the one and only piece for this bag. it was going at $52.90

Comment by jo


Comment by brendan

jo Can it store A5? (cos it looks like A4 definitely won’t fit) hmms.. now im not too sure.. cos there arent very many days im not carrying my laptop with me. Maybe you could sell it to Irene?

Comment by pinks

Haha i chuckled at the list which stated “Jo: WILL BE LATE”. Then i knew i would miss seeing you there. Oh well, next time!

Comment by greenlaundry

The pumps with the elastic straps are beautiful…

Comment by susie_bubble

I bought a pair of red t-bars from their previous season! It was such a sweet little preview wasn’t it! =)

And you have to have to go Ann Siang. Front Row is having a really good sale now! =)

Comment by Sarah

i totally understand your drift on wide feet and still wonder to this day whyyyy so many singapore retailers stock shoes only in minute sizes!! anyway, i just stumbled on your site and i love it 🙂

Comment by juunk

greenlaundy did it say that? i didn’t know! i had some trouble looking for my name cos i RSVPed under jo but told them my name was josephine hahaha. i would have loved to see you :X

susie yeap and they’re really affordable too. i think bianca ships overseas (:

sarah i got the GREY t-bars! woot, haha. okay i will be scooting down to front row soon. i wanna check out their new dr martens too

juunk thanks juunk! another bad thing which makes buying shoes really difficult for me is my UGLY BUNION! ):

Comment by jo

I LOVE your white slouchy pants! ❤

Comment by hui wen

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