Roald Dahl
Thursday 6 November 2008, 12:30 am
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From Matilda

(I’m not sure if it’s the same all over the world, but,) Think Roald Dahl and a string of fantastical tales like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and Esio Trot will conjure up squiggly images ala Quentin Blake’s illustrations for his children’s books.



From The BFG


From George’s Marvellous Medicine

All pictures from Art Of Illustration

Ooooh, memories (runs of to caress stack of Roald Dahl books) 😀
I digress. Anyway.

Then there are his lesser known (at least to my side of the world), darker, short stories, like A Dip In The Poole (no thanks to my first literature lesson in secondary school), Lamb to the Slaughter, The Landlady (my first encounter with taxidermy in my early teens. The horror! :O) and Parson’s Pleasure.

Next you have British Vogue’s fusing both the childish fantasy and rather dark humour plus a tinge of silliness into an awesome editorial – Tales of the Unexpected.



This rather generous spread of great styling, imaginative props and stellar models keeps making you wanna flip page after page, as names like Tim Burton, Gareth Pugh, Imelda Staunton, Georgia Jagger, Peter Jensen and Alice Gibb lend themselves to the shoot.


This would be the only time I want gum to be stuck all over the place.




Baubles as soap suds!


All scans from foto decadent

I haven’t been reading anything of late, except for my “Management for infor – okay that sounds boring already.


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i loveeeee matilda
esp the tea parties she would have with her tcher

Comment by melo

YES! UK vogue dec looks awesome! Love this editorial too! Karen Elson looked Fierce!!

Comment by TraiT

I love Tim Walker photos. They’re always so decadent and whimsical…!

Comment by Sarah

when i see that fashion spread.. besides the fact that its very cool and well put together.. the other thing i’m thinking about is… BUDGET!!! hahas

Comment by pinks

awesome! i love tim walker shoots! 🙂

Comment by eug

melo i love matilda too! and i love saying “trunchbull” aloud, LOL

trait yeaaaaaa. it’s quite a sight to see all the other prominent figures in a shoot as whimsical as this too

sarah, eug yea! i think now i’ll pay more attention to his work 😀

pinks YES. the amount of props and all that shiz. but it makes for such an amazing editorial. i will just oogle and not think so much hahah

Comment by jo

Some awesome shoes in that shoot.

Comment by WendyB

I think that editorial is brilliant. Actually, I think that anything that brings HBC & Tim Burton together is amazing!

Comment by Anna Pope

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