Are you cut-out for it?
Sunday 9 November 2008, 1:49 pm
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The first thing that comes to my mind, about the first thing that will come to Sarah’s mind, about anything with cut-outs –



A.F. Vandervorst Spring 2009




Rodarte Spring 2009

“Will you get tan patterns?”

Wouldn’t tan patterns be mildly traumatizing but in some ways… cute? Lol. Very pretty if you get a nice floral pattern in A.F. Vandervorst’s leggings. You’ll be the talk of the town!

You better be slathering sun lotion before donning those fishnets, or ripping everything in sight (jeans, leggings, tops included).

From Style.com
Read more about designers and leggings this spring.


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…Speaking from experience, I’m gonna say yes. I wore some gladiator sandals on a really hot day last summer, and the cage pattern on my foot is STILL visible… just barely.

Comment by brooke

hahaha that is such a cute thought! cut out tan could be either extremely annoying or extremely fun… i’m leaning more towards the former as my thong (footwear!) tan is really just not appealing even if it is in the shape of a V and omg won’t go away.

Comment by kirstie

brooke were they those knee-high ones? omg i might freak out if that happened to me

kirstie i used to have thong tans too! but luckily mine have faded.

Comment by jo

Good thing I don’t tan nor is there that much sun here in UK…

Comment by susie_bubble

The leggings are to die for! When I was a beach freak, I’d purposely wear accessories on my arm just so the pattern would show. I thought it was so cool! Actually I still think it is! =D

Comment by Sarah

susie_bubble heh i’m envious of the weather there. my dad is over in london now and i’m awfully jealous of all the things he’s saying that’s wonderful about the place

sarah hahahah you’re so cute. sad thing is i’m not a beach freak, and i don’t think i will ever be! sun=bad. but i do love the leggings!

Comment by jo

hahaha i’ve gladiator tanlines too! my boy thought it was the coolest ever. totally love love love these leggings!

Comment by xwen

Hahaha, no, not the knee-highs, that might’ve been traumatizing. 😀 It was just on my foot, which made it interesting enough to stare at awkwardly, but not interesting enough to be considered some kinda leg design. Oh well.

Comment by brooke

not feeling the extreme cutouts in the tights.. though i do like more subtle ones like lacy ones and such

Comment by issa

xwen i guess if your tan is even it’d still look… okay? hahahaha. ❤ the leggings too! i notice that the rodarte ones are particularly stiff though. rather pant-like if you ask me

brooke o yes, haha. i think i’ll stick to sun lotion.

issa aw really? i like lace leggings too, but i’m completely sold on these cut outs as well. (with sun lotion)

Comment by jo

i don’t know if i can pull that off.

Comment by savvymode sg

Hmm, I’ve never thought of the tan patterns you might get with those tights :)) But I think it would be worth the risk because they are amazing!

Comment by Anna Pope

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