Sunday 9 November 2008, 2:11 am
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My friends and I decided that since we don’t have a good reason for fancy headwear like the Aussies do – think Melbourne Cup – we’d think up our own private event.

Okay, kidding.

My friends surprised me on the rooftop of the Esplanade for a sort-of Alice in Wonderland party 😀



I think I was concentrating too hard on looking cute for the camera I forgot to make a wish.




5000 ways to wear a conical hat!


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


On Jo, (I didn’t know about the party or the theme! Hence the incongruous outfit)

Top:  Black lamé tank top from FCUK
Outerwear: Corduroy jacket with brass details from This Fashion sale ($5!!)
Belt: Extra long studded skinny belt from Giordano Concepts
Skirt: Grey ruffle back skirt from Topshop
Shoes: Crackled silver flats from Cotton On (Thanks to Zann!)

On Sarah,

Dress: Salvation Army
Shoes: Red flats from Robinsons

Sorry for the lack of proper posts recently. I’m trying to be a good student, hahahah.


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yay that u liked my alice in wonderland theme for u :p

it was either that or some dingy ktv lounge.

we can ktv another day but bdays should be speciaaal (:

lol! u looked pretty in all the pics(:

Comment by melo

thanks melo! i loved the theme, the whole setting was so cute but romantic! ahhh… you really will go KTV with meeeeeee??? COOLIOS 😀

Comment by jo

So cute … 🙂

Comment by Marta

happy birthday jo! u guys look very funky cute!

Comment by X-Wen

marta thanks!

x-wen thanks for the wishes! (:

Comment by jo

haha why not!

i can only sing WESTLIFE songs though.


Comment by melo

yey love the bubble pics!

Comment by Nikki

melo okay westlife it will be!!!!!!!

nikki thanks! it was really fun, but wet haha.

Comment by jo

jo i have the same skirt! but i havent worn it yet haha 😀

Comment by the smurtorialist

awww wow how fun!!! you guys are completely adorable!

Comment by issa

the smutorialist are you joceeeeee? haha anyway, it’s a fun skirt to wear save for the fact that it crumples very easily and crumpled ruffles are not very nice ):

issa thanks darl! (:

Comment by jo

oh! happy belated birthday! x

Comment by Melly

You’re all soo cute 🙂

Comment by Anna Pope

That’s so sweet!

Comment by Nicole Then

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