Sunday 16 November 2008, 12:26 am
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I just chanced upon local designer, Desmond Yang’s standalone boutique (Abyzz) at Millenia Walk.

I was somewhat shocked to see his store (partly because I didn’t know it existed!) but after a bit of contemplation, I went in for a quick looksee.

Having only see his work on the runway (at SFF 08 Blueprint, as mentioned here) and in print previously. I now openly declare:

I AM A FAN!!! 😀

While at the store, I did not do extensive browsing (i was late for a meeting) BUT, you can tell that a lot of thought, heart and soul goes into each piece.

The amount of details that you find on EACH piece will leave you flabbergasted! I saw skirts with pleats and pockets, interesting stitching and tops that can be worn either way, front to back or back to front…. I WANT!!! The very friendly staff even pointed out a skirt which has NO SEAMS!?! (how do you make a seamless skirt?? makes me think of sleeping beauty [if you’ve watched the show, you’d know what i mean]) Price-wise, (i didnt dare look:/) but i think they are all reasonably priced (from the few glimpses that i got)

If price is of no concern to you (and lucky you! what with all the sales going on and the financial crisis) then a wardrobe must-have is an Abyzz piece right off the runways of Shanghai. The friendly staff (i’m sorry i didn’t ask for your name!) said each peice was one-of-a-kind. No one else in the WORLD would have the same dress. And these dresses were INSANE! there were pleats on the sleeves and tie sashes. The fabric looked rather sporty but the silhouettes oozed feminity. words cannot fully describe how gorgeous these dresses are but you’d need to put down a high three-figure sum to be the proud owner on one of these one-of-a-kinds..

For the less fortunate (quite literally), the mainstream (read: mass market) options are a good (and lighter-on-the-pocket) way to go.

– Sarah

who has become a library-rat over the past few weeks (exams are around the corner!!! 0.0!!!), is now an Abyzz fan, wants more money (to go shopping!) and can’t find images to accompany this post.


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