Sarah has been a busy bee, mindmapping like crazy.

But, she managed to catch the Singapore Biennale (on its very last day)


at the South Beach Development site. (the orange has been painted onto the building so that from the camera’s reference point, it looks surreal)

[excuse the casual dressing, it was a warm & humid day]

I also visited the City Hall site. But my favourite was Joshua Yang’s Impossibility of Superstring Theory 2008


image from here. And previously blogged about here (: Having come across Joshua’s work on several occasions, I really enjoy the sense of connection with the artist and the amount of insight you have into their thoughts because, at least, some of them are penned directly onto the art piece itself. I laughed when it read “THE LEAVES ARE NOT PART OF THIS ARTWORK!!!”. I imagine a windy (threatening-to-rain) day and a gush brings in the leaves as they are working, thus triggering the response. This sense of story-telling and capture of process really appeals to me.


Outfit photo:


Tube Jumpsuit: Playboy

Belt with crystals: Re-gifted from my mom

Chain T-bar bronze heels: Takashimaya


The jumpsuit was purchased during my (not-so-recent) trip to Perth, Australia… for a grand total of… *drumroll please*… S$13! not bad huh?!


Then today,


Don’t I look like a kindergarten teacher!?!

Top: Topshop

Skirt: Mom’s vintage pleated, polka-heart skirt


see! polka-hearts 😀 (polka-hearts: another happies!!!)


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ooooh love both outfits!!

Comment by issa

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