Blink! Where’s my ink?
Thursday 27 November 2008, 10:13 am
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As mentioned before, with the exams here, I’ve been really busy making mindmaps for my open-book quizzes and examinations. Studying with colour makes studying a bit more fun (:

Plus! I get to save the trees. Instead of printing 10 week’s powerpoint slides, averaging 50 slides each. I just bring 10 pieces of paper!


I didn’t realise the amount of mindmapping I’ve been doing till today, when the, albeit cheap ($0.85), markers I’ve been using have started to go dry. :/ I’ve resorted to standing them on tip to make more ink flow and make my mindmapping a bit easier!


And yeap! It does say ‘GUCCI’. The family and company’s history is one of the case studies we looked at. Family feuding, sibling rivalry, tax fraud, murder and all.


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You’re notes are so pretty! I used to use different colored gelly glaze pens when I took organic chemistry. Are the markers that you are using stabilo 88s?

Comment by Tricia

that’s some serious work, colours always help. i think back to my literature book and the highlighters i used, plus underlining. some skill and patience!

Comment by Melly

Wow! Hardworking! And yea for saving trees! 😀

Anwyay, what course are you studying sarah? Why Gucci? I’ve always wanting to learn more about fashion through drawing mindmaps! haha!

Comment by TraiT

Wow, I want to ask you what course you’re studying too! Hahah I’d love to study the history of Gucci! I am taking business & all we are studying now is history of trade,& all the boring stuffs 😦

Comment by qin

Tricia They are called ‘Mini Double’ by a Japanese Brand ‘Sun-Star’. you can find them at popular for $0.85 a piece! and there are many colours to choose from.

Melly hahas. yeah.. i remember my friend’s highlighted lit texts. And its not that bad.. it’s only frustrating when the content doesn’t fit onto one page at the first go.. then i re-do the whole thing. (which helps to imprint what i’m writing)

Trait qin I’m studying business. The module was for entrepreneurship and the mind map was to summarize the content of a video we watched in class. And GUCCI was the only fashion-related case study we had..

qin where are you studying business at?

Comment by pinks

Oh wow, I studying busniess studies at Ngee Ann Polytechinc! Hahah you?!

Comment by qin

this IS how you do a mindmap.
i dont undertsnad people who uses one colour or arrows of the consistent size.
I feel so happy seeing a person with the same mind mapping technique.

Comment by dinie

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