Wednesday 31 December 2008, 12:34 pm
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The boyfriend making his first online appearance via FashBash…



… with his coolios trench shirt, complete with a fabric belt and detachable hoodie!

I was too uncool to be published on FashBash. While the Raffles Design Institute Photography Club were taking photos of us I was holding on to my cash invoice to bring on the cashier so that I could redeem my hansel dress. Oooooo excites.

To see more of FashBash’s snappy happy, get clicking!


Meanwhile, FashBash will be back in February 2009 for a flea market kinda event. I think we might get a stall 😀

My new year’s resolution is to become sexy like Serena Vanderwoodsen. What’s yours?




If I were a boy
Tuesday 30 December 2008, 12:42 am
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While I have been busying myself with no school, very little boyfriend (thanks to national service), a little work here and there and wayyy too much food…


I’ve been looking like a boy.

No, I wasn’t trying or even wanting to look cool and androgynous, or attempting to carry boyish/manly silhouettes.

I just couldn’t channel girly vibes with whatever I wore!

Maybe it’s just my hair.

Top: Black and grey multi-wear one-piece from Baylene
Outerwear: Reversible heather black and grey cardigan from Giordano Concepts
Bottoms: Black denim shorts from Topshop
Shoes: Boat shoes from Sperry Top Sider
Accessories: Handcuff necklace from River Island Men’s blahblahblahh…

And omg, I bought so many things from Giordano Concepts that I am now a VIP member.

Pssssttt!!! they take 40% off their regular priced items whenever you shop during the late-night shopping hours on Fridays!

Necklush Lust
Monday 29 December 2008, 12:21 am
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Necklush is a delicious transformable scarf/neck-accessory/headband piece. [doesn’t it look like noodles around your neck?! *slurps!]


These are free-form cut loops, made mostly from cotton jersey although don’t be surprised if the makers slip in a poly-mix or two!

They come in a variety of colours such as red, white, cream, army green, raspberry, gold and heather grey, to name a few. [The heather grey REALLY looks like japanese ramen :D]


Colour: Heather Grey, aka japanese ramen!!

And their range is not limited to solid colours, Necklush also screenprints designs onto fabrics to create additional textures to their pieces.




Screenprints are produced in limited quantities and if you have ideas for a combination not already provided, they are open to special requests.

I stare in awe and wonder, ‘ How do they manage not to drown themselves in knots and tangles?!

For between USD40 to USD65, these deceptively simple pieces could just be a stylish staple.. an alternative to the traditional circle scarf that’s been making its rounds, literally!

Greetings from Holiday Mode
Sunday 28 December 2008, 11:29 pm
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Sarah has (finally!) begun the Gossip Girl pilgrimage.
And now I understand why everyone LOVES it! [and also explains the recent lack of posts] <3!

Send their wardrobe this way please 😀 😀 :D!!!

Glossy Copy

I attended a themed party last evening (:

And had to come dressed like a magazine image!!!

So after some “reseach”..


and in a crazy combination of mentally going through my wardrobe for similar pieces, finding interesting yet wearable combinations and not wanting to look too normal (or boring)..

I decided on this


which looked like a very strong contender for my current Print-Per-Outfit Record (see here)!

Not wanting to shirk from the challenge, I chose to push my own boundaries and perceptions of what I think I’d wear.

The end result?


what do you think??

Panelled Pilgrim Dress: Regifted from boyfriend’s mom

Silver Knit Tank/Vest: Gift from boyfriend’s mom

Lazer Cut belt: Lisa Ho

Long Tunic/Shirt: Baylene

Watch: White Sands stall

Bangles: Green – Thailand, gift from mom. Black – Vietnam, gift from sister

Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger

was it warm? YES! especially since the party venue was outdoors. but tolerable (:

And I am proud that I left the house dressed as such


granted my nose was stuck in my book for a larger portion of the commute to the party venue, but at least I didn’t pull a Clark Kent and change in the nearest public toilet!

[I got a prize for putting in the most effort!! hahas]

Business Lesson No. 1
Sunday 21 December 2008, 4:08 pm
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The power of branding.

From a link on the fashion void that is DC (some time ago), I chanced upon this unisex circle scarf. And I thought to myself, ‘interesting. been seeing it around. and its versatile! with pictures illustrating different ways of wearing it’


Then… the more I looked at it, the more I got this gnawing feeling at the back of my mind.. then I realised!

This cirlce scarf is a sarong!! [essentially, a circlular piece of fabric!!]

On all the occasions whereby I’ve seen elderly men (see below) wearing a sarong at coffeeshops and whatnot, never would I have associated it with the same circle scarf being advertised.



So… I rummaged through one of the cupboards and pulled out a sarong.. It smells a bit iffy, but nothing a good wash can’t fix. And, granted, it appears to be longer than the circular scarf seen in the first picture but who can beat the funky patterns sarongs come in?! [Thank the wonders of batik art!!]

so perhaps, another addition to ways of wearing a circle scarf.. you could add to the list


How to wear a sarong!


Bows & Bandits
Tuesday 16 December 2008, 12:07 pm
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I have a crush on the use of alliteration (as with many other things), I’m a sucker for cool names and I’m an admirer (not really wearer but trying to be) of vintage.

Sophie and Eva, sisters and vintage-lovers from Austria have an amazing eye for vintage, and among all the vintage schmazz that’s popping up on ebay and charging ridiculous prices they stand out, because they pride themselves as being Austrian and carry clothes that have a hint of Austria in all their wares.


It’s so nice to know that all these came from really interesting places like Sophie & Eva’s grandma’s closet and aunt’s attic. They also found some of them in little flea markets in the mountains. (!!!! I wanna go for a flea market in the mountains too. Sounds too cool.)



Usually vintage clothes go by era, like 50’s, 70’s, 80’s etc, but Bows & Bandits combine this with traditional Austrian garments or fabrics.

The dark emerald jacket in the picture is loden, which is a water-resistant fabric made from sheep wool, typically used in Austrian clothing. It has the cutest pleat sleeves and front button too!


These two are my favorites from Bows & Bandits. The green one is the above mentioned loden jacket.

I’m hoping they’ll still be in the store after new year’s because Christmas hasn’t been kind on the wallet and I must have bought at least 2 or 3 cardigans/jackets this month already. Yes I know it’s only 16 days into the month.

If you’re kind you can gift them to me 😀

I can’t wait to see dirndls and lederhosens in their store. Don’t know what they are? Go wiki!


Sophie is the one modelling the clothes in these photos and Eva’s the one behind the camera. Don’t they make superior eye candy in the photos? Great that they make use of the beautiful Austrian scenery in their shoot too.

Visit them at Bows & Bandits, or at their ebay store.