In what may just be the first of many,

Sarah is holding a GARAGE SALE! :D:D:D


57 Tavistock Avenue

(Near Tavistock Park)

Accessible by  buses: 25, 55, 73, 74, 76, 132, 165, 317

Prominent Landmarks: Mobil Petrol Station, Gain City, Chomp Chomp

bring your friends (and your own bag too!)

will update with photos of items i’ll be selling!!

My younger sister helped paint the banner and was frightened at how straight and un-fuzzy my lines are. (: *i smile with anal-retentive pride. hahas

And please email if you have interest in ‘tompang-ing’ (being a vendor at the NEXT garage sale!) 😀


  1. hey there
    i live in gardens too and really wish to have a garage sale! can i please tompang during yr next sale :))) sadly i would miss the one this sun as i be out of town. do drop me an email and we can arrange,thanks ! Good luck !


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