Not just the Garage

Its not just the Garage that we’ve been spending our time in..


The house has pretty much been (spring)CLEANED-OUT! And all in anticipation for the sale. (:

Stuff your pockets with cash and loose change!

Bring the boyfriend/friend/companion/sibling/friend/family.. heck! Bring EVERYONE!


Clothes, Clothes and MORE Clothes!Vintage pieces, like sailor themed leggings and simple pleated skirts (in image above)

Bags & Accessories!

Books & Magazines. Pick out a cool book for as little as $0.50!(maybe even less!!!)

and Miscellaneous knick-knacks

Why you should pop by? Who doesn’t like a good bargain or an interesting knick-knack, or even a fun way to spend sunday afternoon?! This is the place to be!

See you there!! (:

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