Sale & Friends :D
Saturday 13 December 2008, 1:34 pm
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Just in case you were wondering how our little garage sale at Sarah’s place went, here are some pictures!


Already experiencing dizzying fainting spells from the hot hot hot hot afternoon! That was even before we got to Sarah’s place. We were waiting underneath my apartment for a taxi.



Don’t we all look like we’re drying out clothes? But those are actually our booths 😀 Cute, no?


Eager beaver sister that’s my stall assistant for the day 😀 She sold some of her stuff too!


My boyfriend got stuck in the toilet and attempted to climb out through the window. I think it’s his soldier instincts getting the better of him, HAHA.



Pinks (who is Sarah, but I prefer to call her Pinks) going a little nuts with her wares. Those nautical leggings are SO CUTE but they’ll only fit you if your waist is 20″.


Friends and mad boyfriends 😀



Very very tired.

I sold quite some stuff, but am still experiencing a deficit because I kept volunteering discounts to people -_- I’m too nice HAHHAHAH.

Anyway. Here’s a shoutout to the 2 UWC girls who came super duper early and grabbed many many goodies. Sorry we didn’t catch your name but we’d love to see pictures of you guys in what you bought!

If anyone is interested in the items that we sold, we’ll put up a separate post or blog for us to sell our stuff.

See you at the next garage sale! 😀


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hahahhaha, jo my boyf got stuck in the toilet too!!! HAHAHA

Comment by cheryl

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