Saturday 13 December 2008, 12:53 am
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Yes, they’re the same thing. They/It are/is so many things/looks that I can’t really find a fitting garment description for its fabulousness except for a boring sounding “one-piece” – which is not at all reflective of its fabulousness.

It’s an item of clothing with four arm holes. Two holes on each end of the garment. A pair with long sleeves and the other pair without sleeves.

In it’s simplest form, it’s either a long-sleeved long cardigan, or sleeveless long vest, but! the possibilities are almost endless.

Multi-wear garments have caught on many retailers (AA!) and designers (Baylene being the first that comes to mind to me), but this recent purchase trumps all the other multi-wear clothing that I’ve come across. At least for now (:

(Sarah told me something about AA’s circle scarf and various versions of the eternity scarf that has been making its rounds (pun? lol) around the world… and people’s necks.. But more on that by her later!)

I got this from Abyzz by Desmond Yang at Millenia Walk on a mini shopping trip with Sarah a few weeks ago. She got some stuff from Abyzz as well and we’ll put up a nice proper post of our treasures later on 😀

Check out more Abyzz at Millenia Walk #01-50, or log onto their website at http://www.abyzz.com.sg


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Looks very cool. I want.

Comment by Milli

that’s amazing! may i ask how much was it?

Comment by kim

milli, kim it’s really cool yes? i bought it for $189 after a long hard think because it is quite a sum of money. but if you divide that amount but the number or wears you get out of it i think it’s pretty worth it 😀

Comment by wottoncool

looks great! does it come in other colours apart fr black?

Comment by G

Jo i LOVE this! the outfit the photos and YOU! everything is just so cuteee.

Comment by Joce

g sadly it only comes in black! i wish it came in other colours too, i wanted to break out of my all black closet. this isn’t helping but i had to have it haha

joce thanks darl hehes 😀

Comment by wottoncool

love stripes!!! you look awesome.

Comment by X-Wen

[…] and many other incarnations we have yet to discover! It’s from the same series as these cardigan, one-piece, dress thing that Jo […]

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