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Tuesday 16 December 2008, 12:07 pm
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I have a crush on the use of alliteration (as with many other things), I’m a sucker for cool names and I’m an admirer (not really wearer but trying to be) of vintage.

Sophie and Eva, sisters and vintage-lovers from Austria have an amazing eye for vintage, and among all the vintage schmazz that’s popping up on ebay and charging ridiculous prices they stand out, because they pride themselves as being Austrian and carry clothes that have a hint of Austria in all their wares.


It’s so nice to know that all these came from really interesting places like Sophie & Eva’s grandma’s closet and aunt’s attic. They also found some of them in little flea markets in the mountains. (!!!! I wanna go for a flea market in the mountains too. Sounds too cool.)



Usually vintage clothes go by era, like 50’s, 70’s, 80’s etc, but Bows & Bandits combine this with traditional Austrian garments or fabrics.

The dark emerald jacket in the picture is loden, which is a water-resistant fabric made from sheep wool, typically used in Austrian clothing. It has the cutest pleat sleeves and front button too!


These two are my favorites from Bows & Bandits. The green one is the above mentioned loden jacket.

I’m hoping they’ll still be in the store after new year’s because Christmas hasn’t been kind on the wallet and I must have bought at least 2 or 3 cardigans/jackets this month already. Yes I know it’s only 16 days into the month.

If you’re kind you can gift them to me 😀

I can’t wait to see dirndls and lederhosens in their store. Don’t know what they are? Go wiki!


Sophie is the one modelling the clothes in these photos and Eva’s the one behind the camera. Don’t they make superior eye candy in the photos? Great that they make use of the beautiful Austrian scenery in their shoot too.

Visit them at Bows & Bandits, or at their ebay store.


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They really are lovely!

Comment by Anna Pope

Those are great photos. Modern & vintage together can’t be beat. That’s why vintage is so great, they are classic looks that will never fade. Thanks for the great post!

Comment by Some Like it Vintage

ooh love it all!

Comment by issa

great find jo! the 3rd photo resonates with me, i think i just want that pink sweater for keeps.

Comment by melly

anna pope, some like it vintage, issa glad you all liked it! my pleasure (:

melly i’m in LOVE with all their cardigans/jackets they have really nice embellishments. anyway. vintage kinda always reminds me of you! okay that wasn’t supposed to sound er… creepy hahaha.

Comment by wottoncool

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