Business Lesson No. 1
Sunday 21 December 2008, 4:08 pm
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The power of branding.

From a link on the fashion void that is DC (some time ago), I chanced upon this unisex circle scarf. And I thought to myself, ‘interesting. been seeing it around. and its versatile! with pictures illustrating different ways of wearing it’


Then… the more I looked at it, the more I got this gnawing feeling at the back of my mind.. then I realised!

This cirlce scarf is a sarong!! [essentially, a circlular piece of fabric!!]

On all the occasions whereby I’ve seen elderly men (see below) wearing a sarong at coffeeshops and whatnot, never would I have associated it with the same circle scarf being advertised.



So… I rummaged through one of the cupboards and pulled out a sarong.. It smells a bit iffy, but nothing a good wash can’t fix. And, granted, it appears to be longer than the circular scarf seen in the first picture but who can beat the funky patterns sarongs come in?! [Thank the wonders of batik art!!]

so perhaps, another addition to ways of wearing a circle scarf.. you could add to the list


How to wear a sarong!



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so true about the sarong!!! I always saw girls selling them on touristy markets and thought they’d be interesting to play around with and wear! I am going to look out for something like that now, because frankly, they would be a lot more worth it than AA’s circular scarf and they indeed come in nice patterns! Thanks so much for the hint!

Comment by the_kitten

the_kitten welcome! just check the length before purchase though.. the sarong that i whipped out of the closet was slightly longer than the AA circular scarf, so the looks varied a bit.

Comment by pinks

Hahaha!! true true good observation. lol

Comment by Nicole Then

i am absolutely in love with the american apparel circular scarf..
might get one when im in melbourne. yay

Comment by nicolette

[…] Picture credit to Wottoncool […]

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