Wednesday 31 December 2008, 12:34 pm
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The boyfriend making his first online appearance via FashBash…



… with his coolios trench shirt, complete with a fabric belt and detachable hoodie!

I was too uncool to be published on FashBash. While the Raffles Design Institute Photography Club were taking photos of us I was holding on to my cash invoice to bring on the cashier so that I could redeem my hansel dress. Oooooo excites.

To see more of FashBash’s snappy happy, get clicking!


Meanwhile, FashBash will be back in February 2009 for a flea market kinda event. I think we might get a stall 😀

My new year’s resolution is to become sexy like Serena Vanderwoodsen. What’s yours?




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ooh i do like his shirt!!

Comment by issa

shum featured, whoot whoot.

Comment by melo

issa pretty cool eh? but it’s a tad tight for him

melo are you impresseddddd? hahahahha 😀

Comment by jo

Wow, it’s very unique! Can’t wait for that flea too! thinking of setting up too 😀

Comment by qin

what a cute face he has! and hmm, i’m so boring, i want to eat healthier in 09. and serena?! you serious, hahahahaha, that’s showing both boobs and legs all the time!

Comment by melly

qin wooo more incentive to get a stall too then! there will be lots of shopping to be done haha

melly hmmm well i never considered the showing boobs and legs… because mine are nothing like hers LOL. but i want to be girly coool!!! i keep feeling like a boy. i think i just want long blonde hair like her hahahha

Comment by jo

heehee sis u can be serena i will be blair mwahaha!

Comment by linn

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