Monday 5 January 2009, 8:22 pm
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I hope you don’t think I’m crazy, but I’ll be jetting off to Bangkok on Thursday for a 5 day trip. Hopefully the politcal climate will not interfere with the atmospheric conditions of my shopping destinations.

Apart from the cheap, bargainous (haha) shopping that I’ll get at Pratunam, Platinum Mall and Chatuchak Weekend Market,  I would like to visit (notice I didn’t use buy/shop/any other word that connotes monetary expenses) some Thai labels and more interesting concept stores.

Cue Greyhound, the poster child of the fashion scene in Thailand.


I’m a sucker for matchy piping. I cannot do contrast piping.



Cocoon! I wonder if those shoes are by Greyhound as well..

Then we have Greyhound’s younger, hipper, quirkier and hopefully more affordable offspring – Playhound.




I wanna pop by playgound! as well.



I like wide and white spaces. Makes shopping a lot more enjoyable.

Think I’ll be on a look out for labels like Senada Theory and Stresis too.

Any other places or labels that I should keep in mind apart from these? I would wanna visit some local flea markets and such!


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oh my those clothes from Greyhound & Playhound’s are divine! we used to have both brands here in Manila a couple years back but they closed shop. I think they came in too early for their style. I wish they come back. 😦 I love love Thai labels. they are chic! I used to shop at FlyNow too. You might want to check that brand. I want to go back to Bangkok for some retail therapy~!

Comment by Lloyda

How I wish I can go bangkok for some CRAZY shopping!!

Comment by qin

The local flea markets like the one the opens at night on the streets just along side Siam Square is fantastic. the current economic situation has turned bargaining into a breeze. Prices for a dress complete with belt at only 280Bht!
Please also check out eateries like Vanilla Garden which boast good food and a really quaint bookshop,Eat Me, Spring/Summer/Winter too! You wont regret it!

Comment by elusiv_elfine

be safe! i rem there’s this shop on the top floor of Siam Paragon, a designer looking shop – big space, and they had the loveliest clothes but i didn’t have enough money to buy any of them. i wish i could recall the name 😐

Comment by melly

llyoda good thing playhound is still hanging around here in singapore! i always wait for the sale period though 😀

qin i do hope the shopping is as good as it sounds! i really don’t know how much cash to bring

melly i think siam paragon houses the more expensive labels right? sigh. but i’ll go have a look see anyway (:

Comment by wottoncool

elusif_elfine wooo okay you really got me excited! 😀

Comment by wottoncool

i went to Bkk last year. and the most thing i regret is didnt make it to Chatuchak Weekend Market. good luck and have fun!

Comment by onic

oooh these are fantastic!! i hope you find some great items in thailand!! i’m actually planning a trip there in the spring i’ll keep these shops in mind!

Comment by issa

weekend market is always love! playground is a fun store with everything under one roof but prices are attractively affordable when you hop by during sales. i love quaint places like vanilla garden for tea, cakes and books! my top choice for not-to-miss is sretsis and vintage boutiques along siam square. 😉

Comment by gisele

onic oh i will be popping my chatuchak for sure!

issa i’ll report back with in detail for your perusal as well (:

gisele thanks for your suggestions i’ll keep all of them in mind. i’ll be leaving for BKK tmr afternoon 😀

Comment by wottoncool

travel with care! i so wish to join you, bangkok is my fav asian shopping destination. ok now for the places to visit.

1. check out all the small shops at siam square, look out for brands like dancing riot, himma (think sculptural pieces) and mosstories(for ultra cut accessories and shoes).

2. there’s a section of local designer stuffs at the entrance of central world, not sure if it’s still there, otherwise check out the local designer area at zen @central world.

3. SENADA IS A MUST MUST MUST! Pretty good deals when they have offers going on!

Have fun!

Comment by clareassiral

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