[Travel] To Bangkok, to Bangkok #1
Wednesday 14 January 2009, 12:37 am
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“hey, when you’re reading this you’ve probably already made it back home and unpacking ur bounty.” – that’s what my boyfriend wrote in the email.

Well I wish the trip was bountiful enough to be described as a bounty, but I haven’t really had enough!

Anyway I’m back from the Land of Smiles.. Somehow at the immigration the officers never ever smile. Even at the land of smiles. I’m always polite and extra smiley to immigration officers because maybe they’ve had a long day or stamping, chopping, checking and flipping.. but! I’ve never received a flash of teeth.

I left Singapore, along with its lit streets, marked roads and painted walls for Bangkok with my aunt, cousin and sis.

Here we compared our passport photo from 8 years ago and our present selves.


I still (not so fondly) remember, that on that day we renewed our passports we donned our brightest, gaudiest Hawaiian floral print short-sleeved shirts that were the de rigeur in those days.


Top/Bottom: Black sleeveless button-down one-piece from H&M
Outerwear: Long knit cardigan from Marks & Spencers (My favourite cardigan EVER! But I wear it so much it has pulls all over it 😦 )
Bag: Beige sling bag from Hong Kong
Shoes: Cream boat shoes from Sperry Top Sider

After a 2-hour flight we made it to Suvarnabhumi Airport, which I thought was pretty impressive. Even more so at the departure hall (:


For the next few days I would look like this.

Horribly hungry, then freakishly full but satisfied. The food in Bangkok is really really cheap and really really good.

Look at my fat face ):

We had beef noodles on the last day for only 40 baht per person, which translates to only SGD1.20! You get a bowl of noodles with beef (not beef noodles – do you happen to know the difference? Singaporean hawkers cheat.) over here for a minimum of SGD3.50 extortion, I say!


I found this lightbulb necklace in Platinum Mall for 120 baht. The best thing about it is that it lights up!!!!! I hope it never runs out of battery. Actually, I dunno how it’s powered.

We walked around Platinum Mall for 6 hours on the first day. You must spend a lot of time there, because the mall is huge, but I wouldn’t go there again. The stuff there really isn’t my kind of thing. There are lots of cheap satiny stuff, stiff jersey (?!?!?!), even stiffer cotton, and badly cut stuff.

But I guess if you look hard enough there are some gems, like this place called JS in the basement. More avant-garde, better quality fabric, etc.

Also, many have advised that when you go into the shops at Platinum Mall, always ask for the wholesale price, and ask how many pieces have to be purchased in order for you to buy them at the wholesale price. Usually, they will quote 3 pieces, but you can try to bargain for 2! or a price between the wholesale and retail price if you’re not getting 3 pieces.

To be continued 😀


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