[Travel] To Bangkok, to Bangkok #2
Thursday 15 January 2009, 2:41 pm
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In Bangkok, we wake up to freezing (at least from the point of view of a true blue (or red?) Singaporean), then slowly ease into a nice breeze and sporadic strong rays of sun that provide a nice radiating kinda warmth. Mmm (:


Top: Black sleeveless polo tunic from Giordano Concepts
Outerwear: My favourite long knit cardigan from Marks & Spencers
Bottoms: White footless tights from H&M
Neck piece: Bubble wrap belt/necklace from 143cm in Siam Square

More on my bubble wrap accessories later 😀


Sometimes, it gets a little too hot and this is how we look when it gets too hot.


We headed to the local floating market (apparently not the ones that cheat tourists) and were greeted by lots of food and fruits. Asam fruits, pink guava, fried quails egg with S&P action (Rachel Ray has gotten into me!), pad thai served in a cute banna leaf bowl, and barbequed duck’s head.


I’m pretty adventurous with food. I love congealed pig’s blood, duck’s head, pig’s liver, chicken heart, yada yada yada. Actually I like all kinds of weird innards. I could almost go on Fear Factor!

😀 More next time!


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You girls setting up a stall at wardrobe raids?! wanna share a stall or something! I don’t have much but I really want to clear some stuffs!

Comment by qin

the both you of look gorgeous 🙂

Comment by melo

WOMAN, its 164cm.. not 143!!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by linnette

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