Friday 16 January 2009, 12:39 am
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I usually refrain from making unpleasant comments about fashion and personal style stuff, because it’s not nice… and I don’t think I dress fabulous, but this is just too excruciating!!!!!!!!!!!





I know there were probably the shoes she was wearing for the day,
or maybe it was those kind of wear-around-the-boutique slippers (but it’s The Link?!?!?!)
they are supposedly very comfortable (I personally think Sperry Top Siders & Birkenstocks make better comfort shoes – but I wouldn’t recommend them paired with anything other than casual wear)
It’s a hassle to wear heels and do so much fussing around..



If you’re clueless as to who she is… She’s one of the top table tennis players in the world, hails from China, plays for Singapore, recently got married to a Chinese businessman.

This made it to The Straits Times.


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yucks. the crocs stick out like a sore thumb.

Comment by melo

haha.. i HATE crocs.

Comment by issa

melo totally!

issa i don’t like them much too.. i wouldn’t go all out and ban people from wearing them, but getting photographed like that is… kinda sad haha

Comment by wottoncool

I think the photographer could have been more discreet and done a close-up shot. And the editors could have cropped the image as well. Oh well..
Not a big fan of the crocs.

Comment by pinks

I wonder if she’s going to change her citizenship – again. Haha, I thought she looked ‘perfect’ with the Crocs.

Comment by xwen

i think the boutique is White Link…quite different from The Link. I saw those lime green crocs – was horrified and then thought, hmmm…may be it’s not that unexpected after all.

Comment by dot

yeah i knw!!! the crocs…….

Comment by peachtoes

LOL I just love this post.

Comment by Mona

pinks maybeee…. the photo editor did it on purpose

xwen hah! maybe… you never know

dot oh yes sorry for the blunder. when i see link the first thing i remember is the link, so i kinda skip the surrounding words lol

Comment by wottoncool

peachtoes, mona glad you both share the same sentiments!

Comment by wottoncool

i know some people may find crocs comfortable..
but i think they should be made illegal. they are hideous.
no one should have to subject themselves to them.

Comment by nicolette

Gawd crocs look like hoofs… I’m not wild about her gowns so the crocs kinda “fit” her

Comment by shoptoomuch

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