100% Wottoncool

I have been wanting to try out an idea for some time now. And the perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of a silkscreening workshop held in conjunction with SMU’s ongoing Arts Festival Re|Present.

What else could I print?! “100% Wottoncool“! Thought that it would be an interesting play on label tags ‘100% Cottonwool’ (plus its also the blog name)


The kind organizers helped print out our images and took us through the process step by step. We used light-sensitive material to set the screen and had to make several trips to the nearest toilet to rinse the frame and squeegee. yes. SMU looks very nice. But proper silkscreening facilities, it does not have. Still, the organizers did well, providing a makeshift darkroom for us to work on the screens.



Having never done this before, I was a bit apprehensive about actually printing my image onto actual shirts, so I brought along a bunch of un-loved tanks to test.


And I kept the print basic because I think it looks nicer AND so that I would not have to keep running back and forth from the not-so-nearby toilet to rinse out the ink.


In total, I printed 9 shirts.. (of which, I am keeping the one above)


However, effectively there are 7. I exclude these two because there are smudges on them. Mint: smudge at back. White: right armhole.

If you would like any of the tanks (mine excluded), drop us an email at wottoncool@gmail.com with your Name, Contact details and which piece you would like. Subject title: ‘I scream for silkscreen!’

I’ll update with measurements after I have gotten some sleep. Do note that some of the tanks are small and/or short.


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o how cute.. er. i mean cool!! 🙂

Comment by issa

i want the mint one even though it has the smudge on the back ahaha

Comment by wottoncool


Comment by Vintage Tea

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