Acts of Random Kindness

Its not often that you come across a company that dedicates itself to a cause wholeheartedly. And with all the buzz (in school) about the dire world economy, hope seems even more hard to come by.


Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) is a clothing company with heart. A simple philosophy, a movement – one ARK every time the clothing is worn.

For 28 pounds, lads and ladies can purchase a polo tee in grey, not-quite white or mint to show your support for ARK’s cause: Kindness.


Note: Colours may not be completely accurate in photo above.

Every time you wear the polo, you are suppose to perform a random act of kindness to anyone. (:

Furthermore, Cameron, the person behind ARK, blogged about his trip to China to source for an ethical factory to produce these tees. (read more: here) [The company’s Frequently Asked Questions also explains the reasoning behind ARK.]

And yet another commendable arm of ARK is its commitment to paying it forward. If you have any sound charitable ideas that require funding, you can apply for funding from ARK and share your stories with the ARK community on their website.

Its refreshing to see someone doing things differently (:

-Sarah, feeling inspired.


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