Mandarins and Tangerines
Sunday 25 January 2009, 5:17 pm
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It’s about 7 hours more till all Chinese children and singles are eligible to receive an auspicious red packet from their elders.

I am SO excited because I am experiencing a serious deficit since my trip to Bangkok (oh yes I have yet to blog about what I bought).

Well but before you get the happy packet of awesome monetary goodness, you must exchange a pair of oranges and some auspicious 4-worded phrases.

Thank goodness I have yet to be someone to have to give out the would-be hole-in-my-pocket scary packet…

But if you were ever to exchange oranges with me, you’d get a fatter red packet by exchanging these..


Little tangerine mary-janes from Em & Sprout



Orange fleece oval bag from Knit Knit.

Good size to stuff money and oranges.

Actually I think just by wearing and carrying these my relatives would be so tickled and pleased I would win more money at mahjong and maybe get a fatter red packet.

Ah. Better luck next year!

Happy new year!  Gong xi fa cai!

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Cute bag 🙂
Happy Chinese New Year!

Comment by mode-ulation

awesome! love the orange shoesies! very very cute.

Comment by LauraHelen

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