Firm & Fragile

Stefanie Sun is apparently dubbed the Kate Moss of Singapore – or so ST Urban said last Friday.

Oh yes. For the uninitiated: She’s a Singaporean singer-songwriter who has been in the scene for nearly a decade. More from trusty ol’ wiki!

Early digression: I’m still pretty confused about the whole stylish celebs/artistes thing. So they all do have stylists, but they look cool because of who they are in the public eye? Or… are stylists just people who procure the interesting pieces then the celebs themselves put them together.

Either way, Stefanie Sun has been looking a million dollars these few years, on screen and off screen

Nu You – December 2008



Style: – August 2008



She started out as a pretty casual, t-shirt and jeans, girl-next-door kinda singer (like most Chinese singers do. Either that or OTT cute.). That made her cool.

Then she started putting on some quirkier stuff. Think Faye Wong -50%.

I guess now she’s at her peak of fashion freedom (from overbearing managers) and sartorial awareness (if I can say so), having refined and married elegance and quirkiness.

Nu You – October 2007






She takes pretty good pictures. I think it’s part of who she is.. Fragile-looking (look at her build!), but firm (not the same as stiff) in her expression and motion. Her songs reflect this trait about her too.

I tell from the very limited collection of songs I have by her – a grand told of…!


Random photos



If you read the article in ST Urban, you would know that Sun talked about her biggest fashion faux pas – wearing a bikini over a simple t-shirt and jeans.

I just HAD to unearth the picture..



Omg she looked pretty scared herself.

Anyway, I think we need more paparazzis in Singapore to document Sun’s off-days wear to say that she’s the Kate Moss of Singapore. Haha.

On a side note: I think she reminds me of Tilda Swinton.


All pictures from AF


  1. Hmm, Kate Moss of Singapore or Asian Kate Moss – that’s a bold claim. I don’t think she is anywhere near Kate’s iconic status. Then again, I don’t even know anyone else who is comparable to Kate in Singapore. Not even Sheila Sim or Denise Keller.

    That’s my humble opinion 😉


  2. xwen agreed! i guess we don’t have that kind of culture in general. yes – to an up-and-coming street fashion awareness, but no, or maybe not yet to singaporean fashion icons


  3. She really looks good in these editorials, i’m not a fan but none of it made me stop scrolling! She has some great poses too man, i’m pursing my lips and nodding as i type this. BUT Kate Moss of Singapore is too big a title frankly.


  4. sarah like i said… kinda like more tilda swinton to me… but not really there yet hahah

    joys me too!

    melly i know! she isn’t the kind of singer turned fashion spread hag who only has one expression/pose. she works it! i guess she is stylish in her own way. xwen pointed out how iconic miss moss it, and i have to agree!


  5. i just saw this entry on my google reader – got back from haji lane tonight and saw her shopping there in person. all dressed in black, pretty comfortable but definite air of casual chic about her.

    marvelling at the coincidence of blog posts + celeb sightings in front of my comp now!


  6. stephie oooh lucky you! i wanna see her in person too!

    issa she is! impeccably made up in these editorials.

    mich HI! haha. i knew you’d like this post 😀 you’re always swooning at stef sun!


  7. i agree, it’s too big a title to carelessly throw around without supporting evidence. The whole page was filled with pictures of her dressed in outfits obviously not styled by her. Maybe she really has a cool fashion style, but it was obviously not shown 😦


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