How to wear yellow
Tuesday 17 February 2009, 11:33 pm
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How to wear yellow.. without blinding your neighbour, and having the whole world notice that you’re wearing the brightest and most intense colour in anybody’s palette.

Take a cue from the cool crowd outside the fashion week tents.


“OMG you’re wearing yellow!” – or insert any random colour (usually red or pink) other than black, grey, white and beige – is the kind of reaction I get from some of my friends when I go to school. Do you get comments like that too?



I would almost never allow track pants (kinda warm and icky for Singapore weather) and lime (it’s well… lime) in my wardrobe but oooh why does it look so perfect on Susie Bubble? Maybe the colour perks people up a little. Like Susie said, she was actually half asleep when the photo was being taken.

Anyway, on our side of the earth, a slew of exams is about to come our way. Bad shiz. No one likes exams. No time to talk about cool shows and such.


All pictures from style.com by the sartorialist


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looks like a shade of highlighter (:

Comment by Stephie

stephie that was what came to my mind as well. but amazingly they aren’t repulsive. i really like them!

Comment by wottoncool

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