Off-script as usual, was how described Tilda Swinton’s almost-signature off-beat read carpet style.

tslanvinoscars09From yesterday at the Oscars – a two piece Lanvin ensemble.

I thought it was lovely. The opposing direction of the drapes on the top and bottom. She always has such great accessories too. Not quite sure about the shoes though.


When she picked up a statuette last year – a long black Lanvin dress that got the words “trashbag” and “crow” on people’s lips.

I loved the contrast, between her dress and skin, dress and hair, hair and skin.. Then you notice her eyes… Ooooh. Clever.

All these appearances is courtesy of Lanvin’s Alber Albaz, who can almost be described as Tilda’s BFF for the red carpet, save for the fact that it seems a bit odd to say so.

(Imagine tight Alber-Tilda hug and air kiss)

Night Of Stars Fashion GalaFashion Group International’s 24th Annual Night of Stars honoring “The Rule Breakers” in 2007

Notice the lack of tight hug and air kiss. All is sealed with a casual arm hook. Do you not covet Alber’s bowtie?

While Tilda has received lots of flak for her supposed red carpet dress distress (she doesn’t look that bad… does she?), she sure looks like she enjoys draping herself in avant garde wares, or in some instances, lending her avant garde/quirky quality to the garments.

Or maybe she likes the silly reactions she gets – us minions fussing about her strange sartorial choices when she knows that she pulls them off perfectly.

At the 17th Annual BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards in 2008. A polka dotted long dress from Lanvin Resort 2009.

I didn’t know her hair was THAT short along the sides. That aside, I love this best. It almost seems a bit too fun for Tilda.. but tall, loose silhouette and charming details? Check!

I think that quirky quality about her, along with her off-screen, off-script fashion sense garnered her quite a few photoshoots. I haven’t come across anyone of her age and status (more artist, serious actress, less celebrity, less model) who was as sought after among magazines. (More on Tilda in magazines later!)

Which do you think describes her better? Wearing avant garde or making avant garde?

Pictures from, red carpet fashion awards and random googling.


  1. anna pope me too! but i expect she’ll still be receiving lots of criticism

    wendyb you always have a way of putting things, haha. i love that she does her own crazy thing all the time too. crazy, but she still manages to look so damn elegant and aloof.


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