Wednesday 25 February 2009, 10:01 am
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Chekkid outzz. What my sister typed into my browser today.


lookbook.nu + lol = lolbook.nu

style files captioned by fly & mighty







I think that’s how a lot of us looked like after camille’s shredded tee DIY post.




Sometimes, I think we all fall for the too-cool looks and poses, and then we (and/or I) try to replicate it.

Then it takes someone else to point out how ridiculous we look.

Okay so some of them don’t look ridiculous style wise, but some poses (and expressions!!) call for an eyebrow wiggle or two.


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Ohhh my god. I lol’d. This is hilarious.

….especially since I recently joined lookbook, and have not yet (hopefully) fallen into the ridiculous hipster pose. It’s true that lookbook is more about the “coolness” and the quality of your photography/photoshopping than the actual clothes. Oh well.

Comment by brooke

hilarious! let’s see more!! haha i’m linking to this on my twittter….


Comment by fashion fille

brooke i guess i never really “dared” to say that but tada! you did! it kinda irked me a bit that people hyped more good photography and never-before-seen poses as compared to what they’re wearing. sometimes you can’t even see what they’re wearing!

fashion fille i hope to see more too. reeeeeediculous!

Comment by wottoncool

Hhahaa oh god this cracks me up. You’re so good (and daring) hahaha ❤

Comment by Ziling

ziling i wasn’t the creative person who did this! check out http://www.theflyandmighty.com

Comment by wottoncool

oh god. this is so bad, it’s good.

Comment by audrey

oh so true. although im sure guilty of the too-cool-to-be-real poses, but thats part of the fun too.

Comment by the_kitten

haha I LOVE THIS… thanks for posting

Comment by issa

HAHAHAA. this is awesome. lolbook is my new fave site.

Comment by adreamer


Just to say : nice blog and articles.

I love the fashion and the trend you set !


Comment by Pierre-Jean


Comment by linnette

this is hilarious

Comment by wroxton

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