ilovehansel even more now!
Saturday 28 February 2009, 1:03 am
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It’s plain to all (fashion-savvy Singaporeans) that hansel is the go-to label for fun and feminine and office-appropriate attire.

The business student in me (actually it IS me ): ) yields to this kinda look sometimes. Because no one wants to be a shirt, pants and kitten heels bore among the concrete corporate jungle wannabes.

Now only if I have the business executive kinda income to boot.




Cue hansel’s Fantastic Jurassic collection!

I like that we get special prints from hansel now and then. What’s not to love about dinosaur leisurely sauntering about crayon-created terrain?

(Dottie: if you’re reading this, the light blue dress in the middle just looks like it’s meant for you. I don’t know why!)


Contrast bows and, correct me if I’m wrong… hints of dinosaur anatomy? You know… maybe the plates and spikes atop the back of a stegosaurous.

I love the knit dress in the middle.


Crazily big bows on the front of the dress and skirt are strangely alluring, don’t you think? Again, I kinda feel some dino innit.

And having spent a few hours perusing photos of Serena van der Woodsen or Blake Lively on the red carpet, I’ve seen through her not-so-secret receipe to a stunning evening look.

Well first, you must have lots of TNA (tits ‘n ass) that will show well and round (lol) in… (drumroll) super deep v neckline dress and empire waisted. (Yes she doesn’t wear v-neck gowns ALL the time, but that’s what I recall MOST of the time)

That’s why the last long dress is something I can imagine on Serena van der Woodsen.

OMG I miss Gossip Girl ): Come back already!


On another note, hansel now has an online store, and a blog!


Now back to the books. Burn those books!


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Aww. i LOVE this collection!!!
and you are so right.

if only we have the business exec income to utilise *pouts*

Comment by grace

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