February Roundup

Egads! It is February no more!

And I feel bad for not posting more than I have. :/

So here is a really rough roundup of the second of many more busy months to come.


I tried to incorporate as many warm colours,


into an outfit, subtly channelling the Valentine colours.

Lips: BodyShop Lip/Cheek Stain

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Vest: This Fashion

Shorts: Baleno

Sandals: Random Far East Plaza Shop

[PS: Colour on my lips make me look more awake than I actually am]


On a random day, like any other. I was walking towards the bus interchange. Minding my own business. Thinking about nothing in particular.

Then, it happened.

I looked up. The crowds parted. The stars aligned. Time stood still.

There they were…



Sitting. Beckoning. Calling out my name. *sigh*

I thought nothing of it. Another marketing ploy, to make me part with my money. Another temptation; an itch to add to my existing collection. Surely my shoes could do with another friend… Ahh! The reasoning! The seemingly logical explanation for why I would need yet ANOTHER pair of shoes…

I resisted.

But for the next 2 days, they were never far from thought. How they belonged to me. I was referring to them as my shoes. (oh no… hahas. don’t you sense trouble?)  😀

Then, I got it.

My sign.


My beloved petal cut-out flats I was wearing that day broke!


And began the slow and painful process of crocodile-ing on me. )):

*A moment’s silence for the loss of my beloved flats*

And from our losses we must learn to move on. So, taking a break from studying for the midterms that week, a friend and I trooped down to the nearest Charles & Keith outlet for a much-needed dose of retail therapy.


Sad to say though, the expectations of the shoes far exceeded the ‘performance’ (my Marketing Professor would be so proud with my application of concept) of the shoes when I put them on. So no Cinderella moment there…

But, there IS a happy ending after all.


Meet my new shoes!


And the dress I wore with it.


You like?


Well, whatever it is, the magic spell/potion/formula/voodoo/chant/bewitchment/enchantment/hex that the Charles & Keith’s SS09 collection has, has got me mesmerised.


My shoes, but in a different colour combination


Loving their bags


And belts!


And MORE bags!!


And cute flats! (The model looks so happy wearing the flats)


May I have this bag PLEASE!!!!!


Then the mid-term break came by…

and I had to attend an etiquette test. Formal attire required. Not always the most comfortable of clothing, I brought along a top from Abyzz by Desmond Yang.


Unconventional yet comfortable, it drapes in such odd and interesting ways.

Paired with my dress pants, folded up, I went for an uber casual & relaxed look.


The piece can also be worn reversed (back-to-front), giving it a completely different look.

And its really fun how the texture of the fabric and the drapes can be subtly molded to create a different effect. Plus the secret pocket is a fun touch!


Yet another day, obsessed with my new C&K shoes, let me introduce my new bag!


It came with a strap (which was a major swing factor in purchasing the bag instead of the C&K one above) but before I could make my way down the stairs, the strap broke! :/

thank goodness I bargained for a cheaper price, makes me slightly less upset to have to go strapless.

Dress: Salvation Army

Leggings: Gift from Boyfriend. Bought in Bangkok, Thailand

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Bag: Random Store in Far East Plaza

uber long post.

Will do my best to update more frequently. (Hopefully not at the expense of less sleep)


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NICEEE! hahaha 😀

Comment by nessaaa*

i love the last outfit! your cream leggings are calling out to mee…..

Comment by jo

love the new shoes… i want more nude/ tan shoes in my closet

Comment by wroxton

Love those shoes of yours!Can i ask something?Are they comfy?? =)

Comment by Denise

Denise they are! surprisingly. (:

Comment by pinks

Yay!Thanks.. might consider getting those. =)

Comment by Denise

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