Cynicism of the week:
Sunday 8 March 2009, 12:33 am
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So… as long as you’re tall and leggy, you can get away with wearing rotations of oversized tee, tapered pants, some expensive and/or easily recognizable shoe and/or bag.

Better if people know your name, they wouldn’t even care what you’re wearing! Instant cool.



Is it the tapered pants… leather something? oversized top… black jacket..



These pictures appeared within one photo of each other, all in the same page on AltaMiraNYC’s contribution to Teen Vogue. (O! or maybe it’s Teen Vogue)

Not saying that AltaMiraNYC doesn’t have a good eye for fashion. I follow the blog religiously.

All I wanted to say was: Look there are clones around fashion week too!


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I love the way most models dress up but they always look the same. I think the fact that we love them distracts us from the fact that there is actually nothing too special about the way they dress, you know? Still adore Freja though 😛

Comment by Anna Pope

well i have to agree that the basis of all these outfits are similar but ack, they look different on each girl!

Comment by greenlaundry

no doubt about that. they added a lil bit of themselves to it – like a scarf, bag, numerous arm things..

but it’s just you know. a “i expected more of fashion week!” and “how can so many of these appear on one page!” and “okay i feel better because there are mortals in fashion weekd too” haha

Comment by wottoncool

I really like this look actually 🙂 Its a case of less is more, and nonchalance is kind of cool for events as glamourous as fashion weeks.

Comment by Dottie

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