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Monday 9 March 2009, 11:31 am
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Finally, T by Alxander Wang has started making its rounds around retailers.

But I don’t think I’m coveting these basic babies anymore. Look at the price!


The horror! $75 for barely one metre of “luxurious” 100% rayon. Are there hidden seams? Is it an exquisite cut? (Actually just ginormous holes…)

And WTF the sizes SOLD OUT?!

Please just cut up an old t-shirt. or go nekkid.



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I sense a DIY…

Comment by pinks

well that of course is possible! but i don’t want to be caught dead in something so skimpy haha.

Comment by wottoncool

I love the tee but so agree with you: the price is ridiculous!!

Comment by Anna Pope

isnt that what every other girl is wearing right now, except they probably got their versions from Cotton On/Topshop/F21

keep the cynicism alive!

Comment by Vogueite

o yes of course, haha. i hope they realise that unless you’re as stick thin and can risk a flat boob flash, you are not allowed on the streets like that.

Comment by wottoncool

haha ouch to the pocket. unless it’s some rare Egyptian cotton – don’t bother!

Comment by X-Wen

So true. And its not like the tee is SO nice.. some people are just so blinded by the brand(s) that they dont even think twice about their poor wallets.

Comment by Ziling

hahaha…this made me laugh.

Comment by caroline

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