Domo Kun
Thursday 12 March 2009, 11:50 pm
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The boyfriend has been fanatically scouring our sunny island for a plushie of Domo Kun.



Domo Kun was born in 1998 by the Japanese Television Broadcast Network, NHK, as a mascot to promote their channel and programmes.  (Read more about it’s history here.)

I don’t really understand its appeal, but there must be something in the combination of a brown, fuzzy monster with no nose that only says “Domo” (which means ‘hello’ or ‘thanks’) that works!



The boyfriend seems compelled to laugh every time he sees this image (above).

Which is often, since its his computer wallpaper!!! And my response to him is simple: (-_-) [can you sense my enthusiasm?]

But just out of curiousity, I thought I’d try to find a plushie for him or at least narrow down the locations on our little red dot where this elusive brown monster might reside. While on this noble but unsuccessful quest, I did however come across this…





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hello! domo-kun is adorable!
i’m not too sure how big a plushie you want,
but in case you’re still looking, you can find it at one of the pushcarts at compass point Basement 1
it’s about the size of a girl’s palm?
and they also hv a smaller handphone charm size plushie too.

Comment by hs

hs hey! thanks! I’ll try and check it out this weekend if I have some time to spare. Thanks!

Comment by wottoncool

Or you could go to this shop selling cute things at cineleisure. I know that it is located on the 2nd floor, near to pastamania. In fact, I spotted some Domo-kun merchandise there just last week! You could get him a plush version of Domo-kun for around ten dollars 🙂

Comment by Bex

hi sarah! i stumbled upon ur blog somehow 🙂 esther from corporate creativity!
well, ive seen domo kun plushies in all sizes in plaza singapura, at the shop opposite thai express. u might want to check that out 🙂

Comment by esther

hey, i bought mine at bugis! (:
you should check it out!

Comment by van

OHHH but they have it EVERYWHERE!
omg. there’s one at vivo darling. beside pet safari. i should know cos i go to pet safari everytime im at vivo (which is really often enough to be embarrassing lol).

Comment by nessaaa*

I would totally wear a giant monster sweater!

Comment by WendyB

esther hello! hope you have been well (: Thanks for the tip, I’ll go check it out soon.

van what size was the one you bought? So far, I’ve seen tiny ones, 3 inches tall. Was thinking of something slightly larger..

nessa vivo is a bit far :/ plus i have no time to go there

WendyB hahas. that would be quite a statement! 😀

Comment by pinks

HEY! I’ve seen those plushies before.

HAHA, I didn’t know you like Domo-Kun – I’ve to share this blog with you (I’m following it on Tumblr):


Have fun!!! The blog is funny.


Comment by X-Wen

I think I saw it at that toy place at PS 🙂 I wanted to buy it cos it was so insanely cute and makes you want to say ‘rah!’ really loudly.

Comment by Dottie

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Hi! I love Domo, I made a video with Transporte music, a great electronic band from Cali, Colombia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygZV6Sqbig4

Comment by Oscar

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