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Friday 13 March 2009, 2:38 am
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Last Friday, work was piling; deadlines were looming; and stress, mounting. (Although, its not as though this week is any different!)

Anywaayy…, my friend and I shuttled ourselves to rural Punggol



more specifically, Marina Country Club



Despite being a non-water-loving Pisces (ironic huh?!) AND throw in the fact that I have to be in the sun (Horrors!!!), I thoroughly enjoy wakeboarding 😀 [Because, if you are good, you aren’t really in the water!!] hahas

Well, of course it wasn’t always pretty


inhaling seawater is not fun. trust me.


And the water isn’t always very clean. (My white shirt has ever come back looking like used filter paper. That Friday, however, was a decently clean day)

And I single-handedly used half my bottle of Nivea SPF 30 Sunblock…


I had a blast! I managed to jump a wake (AIRBORNE!!! although brief) and simultaneously received all the Vitamin D I’ll need for the rest of the year 😀 two birds with one stone. yay!

(And I’ve finally recovered from the aching post-wakeboarding experience)


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and this is TRES COOL please i wanna try too!

Comment by nessaaa*

nessa hey! yeah sure. during summer holidays ok? 😀 (and also maybe when I have a bit more cash)

Comment by pinks

muahahah [Because, if you are good, you aren’t really in the water!!] that made me rotfl.

Comment by greenlaundry

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