Tuesday 17 March 2009, 2:40 am
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Awhile ago, the Fashion Nation girls posted about tie dye here.



Furthermore, the Vogue Korea spread that Jo mentioned earlier (here),


had me mesmerized by this set of leggings!!!

Furthermore, I’ve had this idea of a tie dye party lingering in the back of my mind for some time…

Then, I got word from the grapevine that the Fashion Nation girls would be having some yummy goodies (of the above sorts) in their next Fashion Nation Guerrilla Store session.

Eagerly anticipating, I’ve been religiously checking back to know the all-important details.

Lo and behold…


Its CONCURRENT with my birthday celebration with the girls ))):


*the birthday girl can arrive fashionably late, right??? 😀


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You can… surf on your friend’s mobile phone for it? Haha.

Comment by Stephie

its ok, I will go late (for my OWN birthday party!!) hahas. My friends have been notified already 😀

Comment by pinks

man those tiedye tights do look so good!

hope you had a great birthday!

Comment by issa

tie dye tights…fabulous.

Comment by caroline

issa thanks! and i did (((:

caroline aren’t tie dye tights so funky, i’m really tempted to try DIY them.

Comment by wottoncool

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