Lots of Dots
Sunday 22 March 2009, 7:23 pm
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Given that school has been increasingly maniacal, my days have been starting at 8.30am and ending past 11pm.

As a result, one morning’s wake-up call from the boyfriend sparked a short, semi-conscious conversation like this…

Boyfriend: ‘Morning sleepy head, time to get up.

Sarah: ‘*groans* What should I wear today?

Boyfriend: ‘Polka dots.

Sarah: ‘SIGH. okaayy

Not wanting to fret about what to wear, I had asked the boyfriend to help decide and make things easier.


If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ve always believed that polka dots belong on underwear (and maybe bikinis) and those alone.

Small repetitive dots just SCREAM lingerie, don’t you agree?

Of course, I could have ignored him and chosen to put on something else.. But to challenge myself, I thought I’d try.


Tank top with neckline details: Tina Kalivas

Polka Heart Pleat Skirt: vintage, from mom’s closet

Vest: Baylene

Shoes: Andre Valentino


Detail shot.

And what was really funny was that the nectarine I brought to school…


Also had dots!!! (in a sort-of smiley face)



Yes. I NEED things like these to get me through my (very very long) days.


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pinkie looking pretty 🙂

Comment by melo

Love your Baylene vest!!!

Comment by xwen

melo,xwen thanks! (:

Comment by pinks

HAHAH anw you look great lah! and i think your conversation’s quite funny (but WHY is he up so early in the morning?!).

and and i didnt see the smiley face.. after you said ‘Also had dots!!! (in a sort-of smiley face)’, i haven’t scrolled down yet and haven’t seen the one that you drew! and i was wondering where IS the smiley face?!

then i saw it. hahah. this reminds me of the other smiley face that jess drew with chocolate in carol’s place. sigh. im tres sad i have no creativity views.

Comment by nessaaa*

nessa he wakes up to make sure I get up for school… then he falls back to sleep (or gets up too, depending on whether he has work) and its ok nessa, love you all the same (:

Comment by pinks

HAHA. i noticed the smiley face!! 😀

Comment by cheryl

(((: hahas. great!

Comment by wottoncool

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